Dogs Homed – Lurchers


Dogs name: Poppy
Estimated age: 4 months
Date of Birth: (believed to be) 01.05.2016
Breed: Possibly predominantly Whippet/Border Collie mix
Date Came to AfGs care: 16.09.2016
How dog was acquired: Via Clare Greyhound Project, Ireland (CGP)
Date Homed: 29.12.2016


Poppy came to the care of AfG September 2016 with greyhound pup Patch (see dogs homed: Greyhounds).

She had been rescued in Ireland during a raid on a house and was believed to be about 8 weeks of age.

AfG were told about the pups once CGP considered them ready to be homed. Luckily AfG had a suitable foster home for Poppy (and Patch) so arrangements were made for them to come into our care.
Both were about 4 months of age when they came to AfG, although we believe Poppy could have been slightly older as she seemed more mature. Of course they were full of mischief and needed experienced, dedicated care.

Poppy was very well socialized in her foster home with the company of children, dogs of various breeds, cats and chickens (and of course her naughty accomplice Patch). So this was very beneficial for her once she found her forever home by the seaside with canine housemate 14 year old Border Collie Rosie, whos gentle nature had a calming influence on cheeky Poppy.

The day after Poppy was homed she came into season, so 3 months later she came to AfG vet to be neutered and after a short time on the lead (which frustrated her greatly) she was able to continue with her fun and frolics and running on the beach with all the various hounds she had made friends with.

Later in 2017 she was greatly amused when meeting another family member….the tortoise who had just come out of hibernation.


Dogs Name: Sophie
Estimated age: 3 years
Breed: Predominantly Whippet-possibly crossed with saluki and collie
Date came to AfG’s care: 16.04.2016
How dog was acquired by AfG: Unclaimed stray from stray kennels
Date homed: 30.05.2016

Sophie had served her statutory 7 days at a stray kennels and was brought to the attention of AfG who were able to place her straight into one of our suitable foster homes. She arrived underweight, lame on her hind leg, and was coughing.

She quickly settled into her foster home where she made herself comfortable and enjoyed the attention of her foster carers. She then visited our vet who confirmed the lameness was a damaged cruciate ligament which needed prompt examination.

So it was decided to settle Sophie in foster care for a few days and to have her leg x-rayed whilst under anesthetic being neutered and receiving her dental treatment. After this, Sophie came home on painkillers and advised controlled lead exercise and the vet will decide over time if an operation on the joint will be necessary. The cough was kennel cough, which subsided over the following weeks and the foster carers noticed Sophie was passing piles of full grown round worms, which after treatment took one week to pass.

Once Sophie had received all this necessary veterinary and other care, she was able to steadily gain weight and overall condition.

Her foster carers did an amazing job with her and after just a few weeks, Sophie found her wonderful forever home with Diane and Colin who had very sadly recently lost their beautiful greyhound Fluke at age 12, who they had adopted from AfG 10 years earlier.

Sophie continues to improve and enjoys lots of attention from her family and lots of new places to walk and although she does tend to have the odd ‘zoomie’ in her garden, the damage to her leg has not worsened, so we hope in future there will not be the need for an operation and hope the leg will heal 100%.


Dogs name: Meg
Estimated age: 9 years
Breed: Whippet cross staffy
Date came to AfG’s care: 16.06.2015
How dog was acquired by AfG: No longer wanted by previous ‘owners’
Date homed: 30.06.2015

Meg was bought from what is believed to have been a ‘puppy farm’ at age 8 weeks. Nine years on and after being kept mostly outside for the past 6 years whilst the young couple decided to start a family. Meg then found herself unwanted.

Luckily she came to the attention of AfG, as originally she had been advertised on an internet site used to give away and sell animals, so the outcome for Meg could have been dire had we not have been made aware of her plight and in the position to take her in.

The years Meg had spent outdoors had effected her health as she had frostbite/sunburn on the ends of her ears, and sore pads and had a build up of tartar on her teeth. It was obvious she had been without adequate exercise for some time as her pads were pale and her nails overgrown.

She soon settled into one of our very experienced foster homes and enjoyed the company of the 2 young boys and her young Rottweiler housemate, who, once she got settled, soon put in his place.

Meg was inoculated and neutered and received a dental with two teeth extracted. Meg soon gained condition with nutritious food and lots of exercise and blossomed into a very healthy girl with a glossy coat. Her foster carer and family could not bear to part with Meg and so soon adopted her permanently.

She makes herself comfortable on the sofa or upstairs on her choice of human beds and will be able to put her previous life well behind her. Her family cannot fault her in any way and just love her to bits.

Meg is very happy, healthy and active with a life full of fun and adventure, so we hope she has very many happy years ahead of her.



Dogs name: Bubbles ( previously Fiz)
Estimated age: 5 months
Breed: Greyhound crossed with saluki/border collie
Date came to AfG’s care: 13.08.2015
How dog was acquired by AfG: Previous ‘owner’ unable to look after her properly
Date Homed: 08.10.2015

When this dear little lurcher pup came into our care, she was the size a pup of her mixed breeding should have been at about 8 weeks old and not how she was at 5 months old. This was due to her previous ‘owner’ buying her at age 10 weeks from a caravan site from a litter of 11 pups whereby, we are told, the young greyhound mother was in poor condition as were the pups.

Coupled with the previous ‘owner’ having no knowledge of how to adequately meet the welfare needs of the pup.

When Bubbles arrived with AfG, she was very small for her age and undernourished with a pot belly, caused by a heavy infestation of worms. She had labored breathing and a weak bladder.

After further examination by our vet, it was discovered Bubbles was also harboring lungworm. After the necessary veterinary treatment which followed and with plenty of nourishing meals, Bubbles just grew and grew before our eyes, steadily gaining weight and overall condition.

She had plenty of human and canine company in her foster home and was very well socialised.

As well as being adored by many when out on her walks, she also accompanied AfG on many of our awareness/fundraising events, which is where she met the family who eventually adopted her into her fantastic forever home with 2 canine housemates, a lurcher and an elderly terrier who soon had to get used to her mischievous antics.

With months of care pre and post adoption, Bubbles continued to blossom into a stunningly beautiful hound.


Dogs Name: Archie
Estimated age: 3 to 4 years
Breed: Predominantly greyhound/saluki
Date came to AfG’s care: 12 .12.2013
How dog was acquired by AfG: Unclaimed stray from stray kennels
Date homed: 06.05.2014


Archie had served his statutory 7 day period at a local stray kennels who asked AfG if we could take him into our care. Luckily we had a suitable foster home available for him and were able to take him in.

He was very underweight and very depressed and infested with external and internal parasites. The kennels estimated him to be about 8 years old. But under inspection at our vets, she, as we did, believed him to be far younger, but because of his neglected condition with his teeth coated in tartar and muscle wastage etc, he appeared to look elderly.

After being treated for parasites he arrived in his foster home and instantly made himself comfortable with his experienced foster mum, her 2 young boys and a young rescued Rottweiler. Archie steadily improved and soon blossomed into the young healthy hound he should be.

After a few months in his foster home, Archie found himself an amazing forever home with 2 Italian Spinoni and a trial hound and enjoys his life to the full.

The family also own a property in France and all spend half their time there. So a life full of fun and adventure for Archie and his carers and canine housemates.


Dog’s Name: Sky
Estimated age: 10 years
Breed: possibly Whippet cross Staffy
Date came to Afg’s care: 05.08.2007
How dog was acquired by Afg: owner gave up 5 dogs to a local rescue and Sky was signed over by them to Afg

An owner gave up 5 of her dogs all at once to a local rescue, one being Sky, another her sister, another 8 year old lurcher boy and 2 little brother and sister terriers of age 11 years.

All the dogs were traumatized in the kennel environment, as they could not cope with being separated from each other so it was decided by the kennel manager that it would benefit the dogs to all go to foster homes, the 2 terriers were homed together, the lurcher went to a home with other dogs, Sky’s sister was homed with 2 other dogs and Sky came to Annie and Peter.

It was obvious immediately that Sky’s somewhat rotund shape was very abnormal coupled with the fact that she could only eat and drink very small amounts at a time and passed very little when she went to the toilet.

She was soon taken to AFG vets and once they obtained her previous veterinary records, it appeared that the last vet had just advised to lower her food intake as she was overweight (no bloods or x-rays were taken). AFG’s vet thought she may be suffering from Cushings syndrome and was opting to do blood tests, but then decided to be on the safe side, to admit Sky for x-rays and blood tests.

The following day we were informed that Sky was suffering with a haemangiosarcoma, a tumor caused by a cancer of the blood cells, the tumor was huge and attached to her spleen and there was a possibility it may not be able to be successfully removed, but if left, she would die, as it was so near the risk of bursting. The op went ahead and little Sky made a full recovery.

She went to the vets weighing 18 kg and when brought home the next day she weighed only 14 kg which was her ideal weight for her size. The photo the vet nurse took when the tumor was removed, weighing 4kg was the same weight and size of a normal new born baby!! This little girl was amazing.

The vet explained that due to the nature of this cancer and Sky’s age, she couldn’t rule out the possibility of the cancer returning somewhere else and that this should be explained to any new carer once Sky was adopted. Bearing all this in mind and the fact that Sky was so happily settled in Annie and Peters home, they decided to adopt her.

Sadly just 2 months later, Sky passed away within moments, whilst asleep on the sofa at 10pm lying beside Annie, with what the vet believes was a brain hemorrhage, possibly associated with the cancer. She did not suffer. Annie and Peter felt very privileged to share their lives with Sky ‘The Wonder Dog’ and only wish she could have been with them much longer, she is still greatly missed.


Dog’s Name: Zim
Estimated age: 1 year
Breed: possibly, Saluki, Border Collie and Greyhound/Whippet cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 10.08.2010
How dog was acquired by Afg: previous owners couldn’t meet his welfare needs so sought help of Afg
Date homed: 20.08.2011, returned 25.11.2012, re homed( 2nd time)12.12.12

We were informed about Zim by another rescue who couldn’t take him. Once a foster home was found, Afg were able to take him.

The previous owners acquired him 6 months earlier as an emaciated, mange ridden pup, estimated to be about 6 months old. They reared him to good health, but when they realized how large he was and how lively and demanding he was. being pensioners, they realized he would need more care than they could give him.

Unfortunately this lad was not properly socialised or trained at the crucial stage of his life. This is partly why his first foster home failed very quickly.

In his second foster home, Zim proved a real challenge, but with time and patience, he slowly improved. After 1 year in foster care, a perfect home was found for Zim, with a very active retired gentleman, who had all the time in the world to devote to him where he was thoroughly spoiled, had his own 1 acre garden and got lots of great long walks out.

Very sadly 15 months later ,through no fault of his own, Zim had to be returned to Afg when his carer developed an unexpected health problem. All Afg foster homes were full at the time, but after 2 weeks in private boarding, where Zim thoroughly enjoyed his time, racing around the paddocks with lots of other dogs, another fantastic home was found for him – this time with two gorgeous rescued girls, Star a young border collie, Springer, Whippet cross and Maggie a beautiful mature saluki, Greyhound cross. Of course again Zim is now in his element, but with the two girls keeping him in check Zim has developed into a great character in his time with Afg and is so happy go lucky and just seems to take on everything as one big, great adventure.


Dog’s Name: Fox
Estimated age: 3 years
Breed: possibly Greyhound, Whippet, Saluki cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 30-04-2012
How dog was acquired by Afg: Stray
Date homed: July 2012

As you can see by the photograph taken by the dog warden in the stray kennels, she was a very nervous girl.

She had been possibly straying for a while, due to her neglected condition. The dog warden was made aware of Fox as she often returned to a lady’s garden and with much time and patience, the dog warden was able to coax her to come to him. When picked up and weighed at the kennels she was only 16 kilos. When she came to AFG she was 18 kilos.

When Fox came into foster care, it was apparent she had never lived in a house before. She was ravenous for food and was given several small meals throughout the day and over the months that followed the meals were eventually reduced to 2 substantial meals daily, once she had reached her ideal weight of 25 kilos by August 2012.

Slowly over the months which followed, Fox gained confidence, which was helped by her other canine friends in the home.

Fox was adopted in July 2012 where she thoroughly enjoys a happy healthy life of love and fun.

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