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Where Have All The Greyhounds Gone?

After weeks of planning, Action for Greyhounds’ new awareness campaign for 2015 has started today.

Following last Summers’ bus ad campaign which was very successful, this new campaign is a step up or rather several steps up.

‘Where have All the Greyhounds gone?’ is a 30 second advert now showing in the Hollywood cinema, Yarmouth, Norfolk. The film gives out a strong message whilst being non offensive and has been passed by the British Board of Film censors and the Advertising Standards Agency ,as suitable viewing for all ages. The film will be shown in all 5 screens, every day, before every film for 12 months, so will continue through the start of next years Summer holiday time too. So aims to raise mass awareness to a captive audience.

Estimated viewing figures for the 12 months is 170,000 and over the coming year, due to the high proportion of blockbuster films, there will be a 10 o/o increase in viewing figures. Our aim is to continue this campaign for the foreseeable future and have the advert shown in cinemas across the country.We have the option of changing the advert every 3 months which means we can get even more information out about all that is wrong with the greyhound racing industry.

Please enjoy and share the film

Lush Cosmetics make a stand on Greyhound Racing.

Lush Cosmetics recently had a day of action where they highlighted throughout their stores in the UK, the death and abuse the greyhound faces at the hands of the Racing Industry. The Sport tries to hide the real horror of the Sport, but gradually the British Public are beginning to come to terms with the true reality of the Greyhound Killing Fields. The sport is on it’s way out, but as it dies, more and more greyhounds will be desperate for a home, why don’t you take one home. You won’t regret it.

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