AfG had a great day with some of our foster and adopted hounds in Norwich City Centre yesterday on the Charity stall where we have a stall at least once a month. Met some lovely people, many who have rescued greyhounds and other breeds and nice to see them getting out their phones showing us photos of their much loved hounds and hearing their rescue stories. Of course our beautiful hounds received lots of attention and admiration. ... See MoreSee Less

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AfG are very fortunate to be having a Companion Dog Show being held for us at Caister Lifeboat Station on Sunday May 14th organized by Julie.
AfG will also be having a stall here and Kerry Greyhounds UK will be there with their stall and they will be highlighthing some of their greyhounds who are looking for fotser and forever homes.
There is a class for Best Rescued Greyhound with a very special prize for the winner of the class, so please come along with your rescued greyhounds and other dogs.
AfG will have some of our foster greyhounds acompanying us on our stall.
Caister Lifeboat museum will be open on the day and they are providing the food and refreshments.
The show is at a lovely location right next to the lovely tranquil beach.
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AfG foster greyhound Vince ( AKA Vinny) joined us at our car boot stall at Harford Bridges Park and ride site near Norwich today. Along with greyhounds Zen and Itzy, he lapped up lots of attention from car boot visitors and met lots of other dogs including a little rescued lurcher who he really quite fancied. ... See MoreSee Less

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AfG had a great opportunity for raising awareness for our campaign on Friday March 17th, as we were kindly invited to bring some of our beautiful greyhounds along and to do a talk at the Stalham over 55's Fellowship Club. We had a piece in the Norwich EDP newspaper the day before and the Evening News sent a photographer on the day, so hopfully we will have another newpaper article. Annie Liz and Alan and greyhounds Vinny, Lacey, Zen and Itzy were made very welcome and it was a great atmosphere. 50 club members listened intently to Annie's talk which lasted 45 minutes, she outlined AfG's aims and acheivements, told the survival stories of each greyhound present and of others who have come into our care. Highlighted the serious welfare issues surrounding the greyhounds who are bred for and used by the industry. So now even more people have been made aware of the dark side of greyhound racing and will hopfully carry on spreading the awareness to others.
The club made a very generous £25 cheque donation to AfG and with the other very generous donations made by the club members, the grand total was a fantastic £80 and every member was given an AfG campaign information leaflet.
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NEW Trainers licenses...BAD news for greyhounds. ... See MoreSee Less

NEW TRAINER LICENCE HELL BEGINS. As exposed by us late last year, the GBGB's new owner licences have begun and dogs are racing right now. The new rules mean that individuals can keep a maximum of 2 do...

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A' Random act of Kindness'. Just in case this lovely couple have looked on our page. AfG did a stall in Norwich City Centre on Feb 18th and when we parked up for the day, we discovered one of our pound coins was a fake and the machine would not accept it and we had no other money on us and a long way away from the stall. A couple who had parked their car up noticed our predicament and gave us the other pound coin we needed. We thanked them and told them if they went on our stall in the city we could reimburse them with the £1,but they kindly declined the offer and wished us a good day. We gave them an AfG info leaflet to explain what we were doing today. So if you lovely people are reading this...Thank you very much, once again. ... See MoreSee Less

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WARNING..Video footage shows a hare being mauled by greyhounds at an Irish hare coursing meeting. Please send your concerns to the contacts listed here: This barbaric practice neeeds to be outlawed....come on Ireland Britain banned this years ago!! ... See MoreSee Less

"There's no place in Ireland for treating a wild animal like this" - Shocking hare mauling footage shown on RTE's 'Claire Byrne Live' reveals why hare coursing must be finally banned in Ireland. ICAB...

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Action for Greyhounds shared Ban Bloodsports's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

"The Irish greyhound world is about to be torn apart over shock plans to close up to five tracks," the Irish Daily Star has reported. It has been confirmed today that Harold's Cross greyhound racing s...

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Irish greyhound track to close and soon more may follow. Less tracks.= less greyhounds bred = less will suffer and die. We sincerely hope the long term future welfare and safety of any redundant greyhounds will be the TOP priority of their ' owners' The Irish Greyhound Board must put measures in place to ensure the greyhounds will not just be killed!!. ... See MoreSee Less

Great news for greyhounds, the Harold's Cross dog freezer will cease to operate. We are receiving word that the bulldozers are already on site in Harold's Cross. Newbridge, Clonmel, Mullingar and Enni...

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Due to campaigning by Animal Liberation Queensland and greyhound rescue organizations, plans for a greyhound track at Cranulla Park, Queensland have been scrapped by the council and government. Instead plans for the site will be for a cruelty free sport and recreational facility. We sincerely hope that the ' owners' of redundant greyhounds will have their greyhounds long term welfare and security as thier TOP priority. ... See MoreSee Less

BREAKING NEWS: Logan Greyhound Racing Track has been formally SCRAPPED! After 5 years of campaigning by the local community, Animal Liberation Qld, and greyhound rescue organisations, the Logan City...

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Looks like the rumours of the closure of Easington greyhound stadium may be true. This is from their facebook page. ... See MoreSee Less

ANOTHER FLAPPER BITES THE DUST As predicted by us a few weeks back EASINGTON TRACK is to close, leaving only 4 tracks in the North east. There are actually now just 3 flapping tracks in England and o...

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Lets hope its the end of yet another greyhound track. ... See MoreSee Less

GAWP UK EXCLUSIVE .......EASINGTON FLAPPING TRACK TO CLOSE?? We heard from a local in the summer that Easington flapping track may close for residential redevelopment, it seems that news on the tracks...

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GBGB new licensing rules can only be bad news for greyhounds. A new industry initiative to entice newcomers into greyhound racing. ... See MoreSee Less

GAWP EXCLUSIVE.........GBGB TAKES GREYHOUND RACING BACK TO THE PAST 'ONE MAN AND HIS DOG' DAYS WITH NEW LICENCING RULES. In a shock new move to infuse new blood to the declining industry, the GBGB hav...

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Thank you to Nick from Bright Helmstone Ltd for kindly donating this beautiful sighthound garden staue to AfG.
A competition was created for £1.00 per square and once all 50 squares were chosen a square was picked radomly and the person on the square was the winner of the statue
The winner was a delighted Paul from Suffolk.
The funds raised from the sighthound staue will be donated to Kiz's fund.
The stonework is beautifuly crafted and here is the link to Bright Helmstones' website:
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We were lucky to have a bright dry weekend for our first awareness/fundraising events of 2017.
Saturday Jan 21st the Charity stall in Norwich where we also had the 50 squares completed for our sighthound garden statue which was kindly donated by Nick from Bright Helmstone Ltd and was won by a delighted Paul from Suffolk.
On Sunday 22nd we had a very successful stall at the very popular and busy local car boot sale at Harford Bridges park and ride site off the A140 near Norwich. A great site on hard standing which is open all year round on a Sunday.
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Lucky escape for an Irish greyhound saved from a Chinese meat market.
A very lucky dog out of thousands who do not get saved.
Please pressure the Irish government and the Irish Greyhound Board to cease the export of their greyhounds to such places with no regard for animal welfare. The Irish Industry are not even capable of meeting the welfare needs of their greyhounds in their own country, let alone anywhere else. Thousands of greyhounds bred in Ireland go missing and remain unacounted for and many are found suffering or worse...dead, with the perpertators remaining unpunished.
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Well done to ICABS supporter, Nicole Matthews, who has adopted a badly injured greyhound rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade. Nicole is renewing calls on the Irish Government to ban the export of ...

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The Irish tax payers do not want to fund animal cruelty and exploitaition.
No wonder concerns sent to Creed of Irish greyhounds exported to China are falling on deaf ears. Please sign and share the petitions attached to this post.
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The Irish Examiner is reporting today that Agriculture Minister Michael Creed is pushing for millions more of taxpayers' money to be handed over to horse and greyhound racing. A massive €80 million...

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As well as being very busy with our fundraising/awareness events recently, we have also been inundated with orders for our exclusive merchandise. Our unique sighthhound knitwear has been purchased from all over the world.
Thanks to our very talented ' Ladies Who Knit' who so beautifuly hand craft the items and manage to keep up with the orders to keep all cusomers happy.
Here are a selection of some of the very much loved sighthounds being kept cozy and warm and looking gorgeous.
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Well done' Ban Blood Sports' for making Renault motors County Wexford aware that they are supporting greyhound cruelty, suffering and death by supporting greyhound racing and for successfuly encouraging them to choose not to. ... See MoreSee Less

A car dealer in County Wexford has been told by Renault that advertising in a hare coursing booklet is unacceptable. An advert published in the booklet for a recent coursing meeting in Gorey stated: ...

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More greyhounds will suffer in 2017, as Belle Vue Greyhound track, Manchester adds an extra race night. Racing will also take place there on a Thursday evening. ... See MoreSee Less

3000 MORE DOGS SET TO SUFFER AT BELLE VUE IN 2017. It seems to have gone under the radar that Belle vue have just taken on another race night as of 10/11/2016, dogs now also race on Thursday nights! :...

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AfG have had an amazing year of awareness/fundraising and saving more lives of unwanted greyhounds and lurchers.
December is always one of our very busiest months of the year and we were so blessed with mild dry weather for all the December events, meaning our beautiful hounds could acompany us, enabling the public to meet them and hopfuly encourage more people to consider fostering or adopting these amazing hounds. Following our very sucesful stall at Breckland Compassionate Living fair in Thetford on December 3rd we had a great 2 days at Wroxham 8th and 9th, a street collection/charity stall in Norwich 10th a day at Tesco Stalham 13th, a charity stall in Norwich 17th and yesterday 23rd at Jollyes Norwich.
Our 2017 calendar' Sighthound Survivors' has sold all over the world, has been well promoted and is the most popular of our calendars to date and our amazing ' ladies who knit' have crafted the most beautiful sighthound knitwear which has also sold all over the world.
We are also priviledged to have great foster carers, great event volunteers, great adopters and fantastic long standing supporters who reguarly make generous donations to our cause.
All of these wonderful people contribute to making AfG such a well as the constant support and generosity of the public.
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Thank you to all who placed bids for items on our mini auction over the past few days.
Your items will be posted out to you over the next 2 to 3 days.
We are now extreemly busy with orders for our merchandise from our website, so will resume with another mini auction some time in the new year.
As well as raising funds for the hounds in our foster homes and producing our campaign awareness materials, we decided to do the auction for Kiz's fund, to help her wonderful adopters towards the vet fees for her recent spinal surgery at Cambridge, which was an injury caused through no fault of Kiz or her adopters so we would like to help with this.
The mini auction has raised almost £100.00 towards Kiz's fund, Thank You.
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And here is another one of many greyhound abusers..Willie Finnie.

Sunday Post Investigates: The dark secrets of dog racing where greyhounds are drugged and races rigged

Written by Gordon Blackstock, 11/12/2016

INNOCENT dogs are being drugged and made to run in rigged races by greedy and corrupt greyhound trainers, a Sunday Post probe reveals today.

In a three-month undercover investigation, we have discovered that greyhounds are given dangerous drugs to make them run either faster or slower. The illegal practice means races can then be fixed – with huge profits coming from betting on the rigged outcomes.

This drugging of defenceless animals is openly talked about on the greyhound circuit.

We caught one greyhound trainer on video boasting how he deliberately slowed down his dogs in order to rig races to get better odds.

Willie Finnie, 50, said he used prescription-only valoids to slow down his racing animals.

Keen to cash in, he then made arrangements to get some for our reporter, who was posing as someone looking to get involved in the sport.

Valoids are a human drug used to treat vertigo and should only be given out by a doctor. They should never be given to animals.

Finnie said: “Give me a list. If I can’t get it here, I’ll get it in Ireland. I go over to Ireland every couple of weeks. Anything you need – injections or anything – I’ll get it.”

Willie Finnie
Willie Finnie

Quizzed about why anyone would want to slow a dog, he said: “Everybody will then think it can’t run and you get a good price for it when you go to bet on the dog.”

He added: “That’s what we do. But if you get caught with them you’re snookered.”

Valoids have the chemical name of Cyclizine and are an anti-histamine drug given to treat humans for nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

But in racing dogs they are used to sabotage performance – with reckless disregard for the dog’s welfare.

By slowing a dog, a trainer can lengthen the odds on it. Then, once it has been categorised as a long shot, the dog can run without drugs, vastly increasing its chances of winning.

This is race-fixing and is illegal.

Meanwhile, selling prescription medicine on the black market and doping dogs is a contravention of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations of 2013 and the Animal Health and Welfare Act of 2006. Breaking those laws could result in a prison sentence of up to six months and a maximum £2000 fine.

Finnie is a well-known trainer who regularly races his four dogs at tracks across Scotland.

The grandfather operates from a semi-detached ex-council house on the main street in Law, Lanarkshire.

Sources told us he was one of the biggest drug-dealers on the Scottish circuit – and so it proved when we met him. We filmed him selling us drugs and boasting how he could get us anything we wanted in Ireland. Discussing a deal to buy valoids for a greyhound, Finnie said: “You can get different stuff. You can get valoids. It slows the dog down.”

He also illegally sold our reporter medication to speed up greyhounds, which he said he had bought in Ireland, where he travels every couple of weeks in his Peugeot van.

He advertises himself on internet forums as a transporter of greyhounds from Ireland into Scotland – but it’s his drugs sideline which appears to be more lucrative.

Handing over 100ml of Intravit 12 vitamin injections which he said would give our dogs a “wee boost” before a race, he said: “If you get caught with this, don’t say I gave you it. You are only supposed to get them from vets.”

07mcasp_greyhound_doping 07mcasp_greyhound_doping 07mcasp_greyhound_doping

We followed Finnie to Thornton in Fife and Gretna dog tracks. He was also a frequent racer at Armadale track before it closed in October.

Finnie openly admitted to our reporter that he had been raided by police at Armadale – but no charges had followed. He said: “I got turned over not that long ago.

“They emptied my van. They took eight bags of stuff from my shed. They turned my house over and got all the veterinary stuff I was selling.”

Then he added: “I’m feart to bring anything back now – but I’ll do my best.”

Finnie also sold us packets of Primolut – a hormone treatment for human females – to prevent racing bitches coming into season and stop them racing.

Gudrun Ravetz, president of the British Veterinary Association, said last night: “This is a big no-no. No-one should be giving a dog drugs without a vet’s clinical input. The results could be catastrophic.”

The closure of Armadale leaves three tracks in Scotland – Halcrow Stadium in Gretna, Thornton near Kirkcaldy and Shawfield in Glasgow. Only Shawfield is registered with the sport’s regulator, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB).

The other two are known as “flapping tracks”, which often act as feeder stadia for bigger meets. The majority of racing greyhounds in Scotland compete at these tracks which don’t require vets to be present or dogs to be tested for drugs.

Finnie sold our reporter the drugs
Finnie sold our reporter the drugs

Sources say it’s at flapping tracks that drugged dogs are likely to run. Flapping track races aren’t televised, but hundreds keen for a flutter flock there.

Across the UK more than £2.5 billion is wagered on greyhound races each year, a substantial part of which is spent at flapping tracks. Household name betting firms, such as William Hill and Ladbrokes, don’t operate at flapping tracks, where cash-only bets are placed with independent bookies operating in front of blackboards with chalked odds.

John Robins, of Animal Concern, condemned the doping of greyhounds and said: “Congratulations to The Sunday Post for your work. Animal Concern will ask Police Scotland to look into your findings and take action against anyone illegally drugging greyhounds.

“We will also ask the Government to licence all greyhound racing tracks and close down any where it has been proven dogs are being drugged.

“If punters aren’t put off by the cruelty and abuse greyhounds are subjected to, perhaps they might not be so keen to part with their cash when they realise how much cheating goes on.

“Greyhounds are friendly, timid dogs and do not deserve to be abused in this way.”

Last night a spokesman for the GBGB defended the sport’s track record at registered tracks.

He said: “Issues of integrity that can occur on unlicensed tracks are extremely rare at GBGB- licensed tracks. We have a rigorous regime of drug testing. We spend over £1 million a year on drug testing and 99.4% of samples are returned negative. The vast majority of the remaining positives are not performance enhancing.”

The Sunday Post also confronted Finnie, who said: “Don’t think so, don’t think so mate. I don’t even do any of that. I don’t know where you got your information from.”

The findings of our investigation will be made available to Police Scotland.


THE medication Finnie sold us can be used in greyhound racing legally. But only via a vet – not a back-street dealer like Finnie.

Primolut is a hormone treatment, used primarily by human females.

Surprisingly, greyhound trainers have been permitted to use it to suppress a bitch’s menstrual cycle since 2011.

According to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, the drug is used to allow a bitch to race, regardless of where she is in her cycle.

But its website warns: “Careful consideration needs to be given to the method of medical oestrus suppression to comply with the requirements of both the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB).”

The GBGB’s rules say it should only be prescribed by a vet.

Intravit B12, a man-made vitamin shot whose main active ingredient is cyanocobalamin, also falls into the same boat.

We sent both drugs to the accredited firm IPOS, based at Huddersfield University, to test.

After being examined by experts, both were shown to be the real thing.

Do you have information on drugged dogs? Email or call 0141 567 2812
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