2 Norwich City Football players are the latest to support a cruel industry by promoting greyhound racing

Watch this video from January 2013 where they launch their new racing syndicate at Yarmouth stadium, with their views on greyhound racing.

Holt refers to the greyhounds as ‘it’ seeing ‘it’ run seeing ‘it’ win stating “we’ve done this for Yarmouth, its a tough old sport to keep people interested”, “sitting there nervous all the way round, he don’t relax until they are all done and back home in the van”

Greyhound trainer Jim Daly says they want to get Norwich City supporters interested.

Elliot Bennett states “I don’t really know much, other than the dogs are ridiculously fast and I wish I could run as fast as that”.

The reporter states “greyhound racing remains one of our favourite pastimes”, “we all do love a night at the dogs” and ” its a cost effective way to enjoy greyhound racing”.

Simon Franklin, Director of Yarmouth stadium refers to derby winning greyhound Bubbly Pheonix owned by the champagne syndicate as “the way to go” see here the story of the fate of one of the champagne syndicates greyhounds:

After being informed of this new syndicate towards the end of 2012 by Greyhound Safe (Shame on NCFC ‘Stars’) AFG wrote to the NCFC (Norwich City Football Club ) Chief Executive Officer: Mr. David McNally on December 31st 2012 raising our concerns that two of their high profile players, Grant Holt and Steve Morison, are promoting greyhound racing at Yarmouth stadium by forming a greyhound racing syndicate and buying and importing greyhounds from Ireland – www.steveandgrantsracingclub.co.uk

We highlighted in the letter the plight of greyhounds who are bred and used for racing and the fact that Holt and Morison were advertising their ‘racing club’ wearing the NCFC kit. This is the reply we received on January 8th 2103 from NCFC Head of Legal: Jamie Arnall.

‘Thank you for your letter of 31 December 2012 in which you raise your concerns regarding the involvement of two of the NCFC’s football players, Steve Morison and Grant Holt, in the aformenttioned racing club.

At the outset, I should point out that NCFC has no involvement whatsoever with the Racing Club and this is a venture that is wholly operated by Steve and Grant in their personal capacities.

NCFC is aware that many of its football players are involved in activities outside of their commitments with NCFC as a professional football player. The starting point for any response regarding the activities of a player, outside their football playing duties, needs to be grounded in the fact that the players are free to pursue leisure or business activities of their choice, providing that those activities do not bring NCFC into disrepute.

A player’s investment in any business and the use of his own image to promote that business is also permitted providing that it does not conflict or interfere with his obligations to NCFC.

NCFC understands that the pursuit of greyhound racing can be controversial due to the behaviour and practices of some of those involved. However NCFC trusts that both Steve Morison’s and Grant Holt’s involvement shall be honourable and well intentioned.

It is of note that the Racing Club actively fundraises for the Retired Greyhound Trust charity which, as I am sure you are aware, is dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds once their racing days are over, in addition, NCFC is aware that both Steve and Grant are dog- lovers themselves and it trusts that they would not be involved in any activity or pursuit which did not place the welfare of the animals concerned at the forefront of their considerations.

Beyond this, I am afraid that NCFC is unable to comment any further because it does not have any involvement with the racing club.’

AFG’s conclusion….
In reality, the overbreeding, the thousands of greyhounds who are unacounted for , the injuries they sustain whilst racing on the tracks and the far from acceptable conditions most are kept in, as the Greyhound racing industry is self regulated and commercially driven, none of these welfare issues will ever be satisfactorily resolved.

See these recent news articles:-

Norwich City stars to swap footie for racing at Yarmouth Stadium
Photo gallery: Steve Morison and Grant Holt get their greyhound racing club off to a flier at Yarmouth Stadium

Please send your polite comments to the letters page of these newspapers

Questions to be asked;
Are Holt and Morison concerned about the immediate and long term welfare of the other puppies in the litters bred to produce the greyhounds they have brought? and the immediate and long term welfare of all the other greyhounds who ‘ their greyhounds’ are competing with at Yarmouth?
If ‘their’ greyhounds do survive the rigours of racing, and are to be adopted, can a good home be guaranteed?
NO !! Was there any justice for Kerrie?

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