5 live going to the dogs

BBC 5 live recently ‘adopted’ a racing greyhound. Showme Thebunny is a 2year old female who is being raced at Owlerton stadium (Sheffield). On 19 August the Colin Murray show featured live coverage of the greyhound’s inaugural race. The commentators joked as the dog was bumped during her race and finished fourth. No mention was made of the fact that running dogs on an oval circuit will frequently result injury and sometimes death. The commentators were more concerned with pointing out that a bump can lead to lost ground that cannot always be made up.

It is irresponsible for the BBC to once again promote greyhound racing in such a flippant way. Many will remember the Dara O’Briain part owned dog Snip Nua that was featured in the BBC programme Three Men Go To Ireland. Snip Nua’s appearance was broadcast several weeks after she was put down due to a career ending injury. The BBC failed to ever publicly acknowledge that Snip Nua had been destroyed and the corporation is once again misleading the public on the ‘sport’ of greyhound racing by at the very least being economical with the truth. The racing industry is viewing the BBC’s ‘adoption’ of Showme Thebunny as a great PR coup and to counter this please ask the BBC to provide 5 live listeners with the following information.

(1) The Greyhound Board of Great Britain have to date chosen not comply with a key recommendation within a Parliamentary Group report for the industry to publish injury data.

(2) The racing industry sanctions the destruction of injured and redundant dogs on economic grounds, hence dogs who suffer career ending but treatable injuries are routinely destroyed.

(3) British tracks fuel the breeding of about 17,900 greyhounds annually while in stark contrast the homing figure annually stands at about 7,500.

These are just three points of concern about greyhound racing that 5 live listeners should be made aware of.

Please contact the BBC as below
T 03700 100 222

Owlerton was in the news in 2008 due to the appalling scale of injuries sustained by greyhounds running on the track: Owlerton track is ‘dangerous’ for dogs

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