Dogs Name: Stan
Date of Birth:  approx: 2007 age approx 18months / 2years
Breed: Rottweiler
Date came to AfGs care:  January  2009
How dog was acquired: Saved from stray kennels
Date homed: end January 2009
STAN (re-named STARSKY)
We noticed this poor lad whilst at a stray kennels when we were asked to pop in to clarify a stray Greyhounds ear tattoos ( this Greyhound was unclaimed so later came to AfG).
We noticed this lovely but sad Rotty boy in a concrete run at the kennels we were told he had been there several weeks but may find a home on one of the kennel open days, though the staff feared he had medical issues/injuries which may put people off.
We asked if we were allowed to take some photos of him so we could put out an email alert to try to find a foster home for him so we could perhaps be able to take him into our care.
We had some great response and interest and one particular lady ticked all the right boxes for not only fostering but to adopt him.
So later we picked up the Greyhound after her statutory 8 days were ended and we took lovely Stan too.
Both went to a lovely private boarding kennels where we were able to build them up to a suitable condition to be neutered and start their inoculations.
Our vet was concerned of lameness on his rear end and felt it may only be from muscle wastage but decided to carry out some x-rays too.
The outcome was expected to be hip dysplasia (often common in large breeds). Though the injury was believed to be more like a hip shunt cased by a fall from a height or a beating!!.
At the end of the month we were able to take both hounds to their new adopters where they would go on to their individual forever homes.
Stan was renamed Starsky and settled in very well with a Rotty female, Great Dane, a Lurcher and a Greyhound.
 One year on and his  adopter sent us a lovely letter saying.
” If ever God sent an animal to someone, he was thinking of me the day you collected Starsky. He is the light of my life and I can truly say he has never put a foot wrong. He is an absolute gentleman and a credit to his breed. Everyone who knows him loves him and people who are afraid of, or who don’t know Rotts are soon won around by his gentleness and calm approach. He now weighs a healthy 43kgs and his coat is thick and glossy.A dog in a million”.
Well Starsky was certainly in the right place at the right time we visited the stray kennels and the rest is history.
Another lucky hound with a great life.
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