Dogs name: Daisy
Date of birth: March 2004
Breed: predominantly Whippet (possibly crossed with Trailhound)
Date came to AfGs care: July 2017
How dog was acquired: unwanted by owner so signed to AfG.
Date Homed: November 2017

We were made aware of a man who no longer wanted a 13 year old lurcher which had been left to him after both parents (who had Daisy from a puppy) had passed away.

We later found instead of keeping her as a loved family pet, he instead banished her to a run down kennels where she was to spend the previous three of her senior years.
(The establishment.. an illegal puppy farm was to become the subject of a media exposure of animal cruelty in February 2018)

When we collected Daisy, (then named Maisy) from a car park in Cromer, Norfolk, she was in season, unsteady on her hind left leg and had a large amount of flea dirt in her coat. We were told she received the injury as a young pup after trapping her leg in a snare. There were only a small amount of veterinary records for Daisy and it seems the injured leg was left untreated.

After 2 weeks in foster care Daisy became suddenly very ill with a high temperature and was rushed to AfG vets who had to carry out emergency surgery after a diagnosis of Pyometra, a life threatening disease of the womb. There is no evidence that Daisy had been bred from and unusual for the disease to appear during a season. With the fast acting expert care from our vet, Daisy pulled through and made a rapid recovery.

Through no fault of her own in September 2018 her foster home failed and she was moved to her second foster home, which shortly after became her forever home. She continues to be happy and healthy, she wears a bio flow collar which continues to minimize any discomfort in her hind leg.


Colour/Sex: White and blue Female

Date of birth: July 2013

Last reg trainer: D.J.Prentice

Races contended: 2

Last rec race: Mildenhall /A5 /19.06.2015

LACEY – (named for racing as) SOMERSHAM PIXIE

Came to the care of AfG September 2016 after we had been alerted she was being offered on an internet site.

As we were lucky enough to have a temporary foster home available, we managed to take her into our care to ensure her welfare and safety, as she could have quite easily fallen into the wrong hands and her future could have been uncertain, especially with her not being neutered which would have made her attractive for breeding.

The person who had her, told us she been given to a relative by the trainer and then passed on to this person who was also related to the trainer, but who was unable to keep her.
We were told she had broken her hock on the first bend in her last race.

When we checked her racing history we discovered she had 2 races at Mildenhall track 12th and 19th June 2015 finishing 1st on the last race. We were given information of a vets where Laceys medical records were on our change of ownership form, but when we checked there were no records at the vets at all. We were later informed by neighbors that poor Lacey was left shut in the house for long periods and was clearly distressed and barking a lot, they had also witnessed her escaping and running loose, so being at risk near a main road and surrounding fields. So it is no surprise that when Lacey went to her first foster home, she was unsettled for a while. She soon got used to a regular routine and became more contented.

She was underweight when she arrived and had hair loss on her chest and thighs. After a short settling in period where she gained some weight, she was neutered and received other necessary veterinary care. Our vets x rays of her broken hock revealed the hock had been pinned but seemed a bad fracture with fragments from the break re calcifying to the hock bone, which was why the outside of her hock had a ‘lumpy’ appearance. So we expect because she carried on running after the hock broke it caused a more severe fracture. She was, of course never to race again.

After her recoup/recovery period in temporary foster care, Lacey was moved to a more permanent foster home, this time with the company of other hounds, which furthered her socialization and settling.

Sometime later, Lacey found her forever home where she enjoys family life with the company of her other canine pals.


Colour/Sex: Black Female

Date of birth: April 2008

Last reg trainer: J. T. Foster

Races contended: 125

Last rec race: Wimbledon/ grade A7/ 02.02.2013

LILY – (named for racing as) PLATINUM AMY

Came into the care of AfG end of March 2017 at age 9 years, after being earlier found as an unclaimed stray.

She had been found in a bad state of neglect, underweight at only 20 kg, her nails were so overgrown her pads did not touch the ground, she was heavily infested with internal and external parasites and her teeth were in a bad state with some rotten and several loose. Poor girl must have been suffering such pain and been so uncomfortable.

After her nails were cut back as much as possible, and she received treatment for the parasite infestation she had a much deserved bath a few good meals of nourishing food and a good clean soft bed to lie on, so started feeling more comfortable.

Some weeks later she arrived into the care of AfG where her condition had improved but she still had some way to go.

After settling in to her foster home with the company of another rescued female greyhound, Lily continued to improve mentally and physically and after a short settling in period and a course of antibiotics, our vet deemed her in a suitable enough state of health to be neutered and have her dental treatment. She had a dental clean and descale and 7 teeth were extracted, afterwards, Lily must have felt much more comfortable and her appetite continued to improve greatly and she continued to gain weight and general condition.

After a few more weeks in foster care, Lily found her amazing forever home with a loving family who had not had a rescued greyhound before so Lily was so well matched to the family and their home being a mature, though now very much more active girl and with such a kind, gentle nature, she is now carrying on enjoying her well deserved life of love, comfort and respect as a cherished family member.

Strangely, after being used for racing at Wimbledon with a total of 125 races from June 2010 to February 2013 she was found not long after Wimbledon greyhound track held it’s last race meeting and closed down in early 2017.


Dogs name: Poppy
Estimated age: 4 months
Date of Birth: (believed to be) 01.05.2016
Breed: Possibly predominantly Whippet/Border Collie mix
Date Came to AfGs care: 16.09.2016
How dog was acquired: Via Clare Greyhound Project, Ireland (CGP)
Date Homed: 29.12.2016


Poppy came to the care of AfG September 2016 with greyhound pup Patch (see dogs homed: Greyhounds).

She had been rescued in Ireland during a raid on a house and was believed to be about 8 weeks of age.

AfG were told about the pups once CGP considered them ready to be homed. Luckily AfG had a suitable foster home for Poppy (and Patch) so arrangements were made for them to come into our care.
Both were about 4 months of age when they came to AfG, although we believe Poppy could have been slightly older as she seemed more mature. Of course they were full of mischief and needed experienced, dedicated care.

Poppy was very well socialized in her foster home with the company of children, dogs of various breeds, cats and chickens (and of course her naughty accomplice Patch). So this was very beneficial for her once she found her forever home by the seaside with canine housemate 14 year old Border Collie Rosie, whos gentle nature had a calming influence on cheeky Poppy.

The day after Poppy was homed she came into season, so 3 months later she came to AfG vet to be neutered and after a short time on the lead (which frustrated her greatly) she was able to continue with her fun and frolics and running on the beach with all the various hounds she had made friends with.

Later in 2017 she was greatly amused when meeting another family member….the tortoise who had just come out of hibernation.


Patch with poppy arriving to UK

Colour/Sex: White ( with small brindle patches) Male

Date of birth: (believed to be) 10.05.2016

Last reg trainer: Unknown

Races contended: None

PATCH (formerly JACK)

Patch came into the care of AfG in September 2016 believed to be approx 4 months of age (along with lurcher puppy Poppy: see Dogs Homed – Other Sighthounds).

He was found abandoned in Ireland in a state of neglect and estimated to be about 8 weeks of age and went into the care of Clare Greyhound Project (CGP) in Ireland. As he was only a puppy and not ear tattooed there was no previous history found for him.

Luckily AfG were able to take both pups into our care as we had a fantastic foster home available for them.

Patch soon gained condition physically and mentally and was very well socialized with the company of children, dogs of various breeds, cats and chickens. This of course helped him greatly when he eventually found his forever home over Easter 2017. He quickly settled in with his new family and canine housemates, Diesel the Labrador and Prince the little Japanese Chin cross.

So he is a lucky greyhound who although had a bad start in life for a short time, he managed to escape the greyhound racing industry.

December 2016


Another great vegan awareness fair organized by Melissa who did a great job for this, the first vegan fair she has set up. We had a great space for our stall in one of the 2 halls inside the building.

Again so nice to see such a great variety of cruelty free/animal rights campaign stalls and to be in the company of so many like minded people.

Our merchandise and tombola were very popular and we received a lot of very generous donations in our collection pots.



We had mild dry weather and a great space outside and under the cover of Roys due to the great support of the management.

We had overwhelming support from the public with many people who were visiting from other parts of the country for the Winter break at this very popular tourist location. Needless to say our beautiful accompanying greyhounds received lots of attention and admiration.

We were also able to promote and sell several calendars and packs of our exclusive Christmas cards.



We were lucky enough to have the charity stall and a street collection permit today. A bit drizzly on and off later in the afternoon but still mild.

Our beautiful hounds wore their awareness macs so not only were they kept snug but also helped to raise more campaign awareness with the slogans on the macs. Being close to Christmas the City was very busy and our stall had lots of visitors throughout the day, not only did we receive very many generous money donations but sold lots of our hound knitwear and our other merchandise but also some very good quality bric-a-brac and Christmas items which had been generously donated to us to sell.

Hundreds of leaflets were distributed today and with many visitors to Norwich from other parts of the country this enabled us to spread our campaign awareness to an even broader audience.



Luckily for the late time in the year we still had a very mild dry day for our event with a great space outside the store to accommodate us with the shelter and our beautiful greyhounds.

We are always well supported by the locals at this store as they all look forward to seeing us and hearing of the updates of the campaign as we only have one annual event here in December.

We were also able to promote and sell our calendars and Christmas cards which were very popular and later in the week we received some orders for our sighthound jumpers and head and neck gear. So the amazing ladies who hand knit these beautiful items for us, continued to be kept busy crafting to meet the demand of even more orders.



We have been so very lucky this Autumn to have had such dry mild weather for all our awareness events, so our beautiful hounds could accompany us too. We have to take so many beds, blankets jumpers coats etc as our main priority is to keep them all comfortable during the day.

They never miss out on fuss and cuddles and it is good for people to learn what gentle friendly hounds they are, this helps when people may consider fostering or adopting greyhounds and lurchers.

Over the years we have met some wonderful people at such events who have become great foster carers and adopters for AfG.

Again our hound knitwear was much in demand with some people buying the hats, scarves,neck bands snoods and jumpers not only for their own hounds but to give as doggy Christmas presents for hounds of friends and family.

How lovely that several hounds won’t miss out on special Christmas gifts.



Our last event for 2016.

We are always made so very welcome here with our hounds with great support from the management and staff and always have a great space outside to accommodate the awareness station. Not only do we receive generous support from Jollyes customers but with this being such a popular and busy shopping estate with a variety of shops we meet and are well supported by customers from the other shops.

Just a morning event today as it started to turn chilly by mid day, but we had a very successful morning and a great end to what has been another amazing year of awareness and fundraising.

November 2016

AfG do not hold many awareness events throughout November due to the short days and problems with fireworks etc.
However we were still kept very busy with sales of our 2017 calendars ‘ Sighthound Survivors ‘ and sales of our exclusive Christmas cards and various sighthound knit wear.
Its lovely to receive photos from all over the country and overseas of the various sighthounds being kept cozy in the AfG knitwear.



Thank you to Rosemary who organized the AfG stall at this fantastic vegan festival. Lots of merchandise sold and a lot of interest in our campaign, with lots of our awareness leaflets taken.

The event had 3,500 members of the public attending, meaning more vital awareness raised to even more people.



We managed to chose a lovely bright Autumn day for a stall at the only local car boot being held at this time of year, meaning it was heaving with customers. Our doggy knitwear proved very popular today, noticed by more people due to the fact our accompanying hounds were wearing jumpers and head gear.

So another opportunity to raise more vital awareness and funds.

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Our two main Campaign Events for 2022 are:

  • “REMEMBER RUSTY” WEEKEND Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st ( Remember Rusty Day May 2nd)
  • “GREYHOUND REMEMBRANCE WEEKEND” Saturday July 23rd & Sunday July 24th (The nearest weekend to July 26th-1926 when commercial Greyhound racing started in Britain)

Please see the our ‘How you can help’ section for more information as to why we commemorate these 2 events.