Caister High School – ‘A Night at The Dogs’

Action for Greyhounds, have been made aware by concerned parents of pupils at Caister High School, Norfolk that ‘The Friends of Caister High’ are organizing ‘A Night at The Dogs’ at Yarmouth greyhound stadium on June 15th 2013 at £5 a ticket, which includes a free drink.

In November 2012 a concerned parent of children at Broadland High School in Norfolk, sparked an excellent debate on Radio Norfolk, after the school arranged a night at Yarmouth greyhound races to raise funds for the school
Listen here:

Please send polite complaints to Caister High School, asking them to please decline their support of greyhound racing Referencing the serious welfare issues inherent in greyhound racing, by directing them to and

Also please give reference to poor little greyhound girl Newtown Kerry, who raced at Yarmouth and was homed by their rehoming scheme and some months later in February 2012, was found dumped in a household wheelie bin in Thetford,Norfolk, after being starved to death, see:

The assistant manager of Yarmouth stadium, Marcus Westgate, admitted that about two greyhounds a month are killed at the track, a young male greyhound named Kokoro being one of the many victims:

Please send your polite complaints For The Attention of Mr G Denby and Valerie Miller
Their contact details are:
Head Teacher: Mr George Denby who is also Chairman of the Friends of Caister High School
Valerie Miller: who is the Chair of the Friends
Postal Address: Caister High School, Caister on Sea, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 5LS
Telephone: 01493 720 542 Fax: 01493 728368
Their website is

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