Colour/sex: Black female

Date of birth: May 2009

Last reg owner:

Races contended: none

Last rec. race: N/A

Cara came into the care of AFG in November 2011.

She had been acquired at 6 weeks of age from greyhound breeder/trainer and owner Margret Baily from Norwich.
We were contacted by the owner as Cara was very ill and needed veterinary treatment and possibly an operation which the owner could not afford.
We were able to take Cara in straight away as we had a foster home available. Cara was urinating blood and was very lethargic and it was imperative she had immediate veterinary attention.
Cara received veterinary treatment straight away and over time with extensive treatment she made a full recovery.
Her foster carers became her adopters and she is now happy healthy and enjoying life with another AFG hound – Murphy the lurcher.

Cara was brought from Margret Baily at 6 weeks old. She had bred 2 litters in May and June of 2009 and was advertising them in a local pet shop for £100.00 each soon after they were born.
We know that several of the pups were sold by the time they were 6 weeks old and at least one of them (a white female) was sold at 4 weeks old.
We also know that the younger litter to Cara’s were rejected by the mother (racing name Notta Lotta Good – a brindle female) and sired by a black male who raced at Yarmouth named Rambo.
We are not sure which mating produced Cara’s litter. We do know that of the younger litter 5 had ended up at a local rescue one by one by the time they were 5 months old …obviously once the novelty of a puppy had worn off all were very small and not in good health.
Sometime after this Margret Baily had no racing license and has not raced any greyhounds since. All the greyhounds she owned were taken to various rescues across the U.K.
The environmental health, dog warden and Norwich City council visited Bailys property just before the dogs were taken, after viewing a film taken by investigators at the council house and garden, they reported there were serious health and hygiene issues they were concerned with surrounding the inside and out of the property.

After viewing another film taken at kennels at Vale Farm Gowthorpe near Norwich, where Baily kept other greyhounds the RSPCA visited the property but by the time they got there they could find no dogs as they had already been removed and taken to several different rescue centers, we believe the GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) took control of releasing the dogs and distributing them to the various rescue kennels.

We can only hope that Margret Baily is never involved in the breeding/owning and racing of greyhounds again and we hope all the dogs taken are now healthy and happy and have now all found loving forever homes.

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