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This dedicated group only formed earlier this year and have already held several successful protests outside this track as well as holding other awareness events in and around the area.
Here is what the groups spokesperson had to comment on their evening of education and awareness:

“Good night, considering it was so quiet. Lots of people going for cheap beer but claiming ‘they love the dogs’ so I think we might have managed to change a few minds. An owner offered to show us his kennels!”

It remains to be seen if the ‘owner’ will contact the group to carry out his above invitation.

The group are also raising awareness by sending AFG information to charities and companies who do, or may think of going on a social ‘night at the dogs’.

Anyone who feels they are able to support this group in any way, please contact AFG so we may pass your details on to the group.

They will welcome any positive support to help the group grow in numbers and strength.


A very dedicated group of greyhound protection campaigners gathered outside Brighton & Hove greyhound stadium to make racegoers aware of the cruelty they were supporting.
This is what the groups spokesperson had to comment on their evenings awareness demonstration:

“As usual, a night at the dogs consists of many different types of groups; birthday parties, stag do’s, pensioners’ night out as well as and the usual betting public. A delightful surprise of the evening was a whole family turning up to support our campaign who traveled more than an hour to express their opposition towards this cruel industry. The children were so well behaved, very eager to hand out leaflets and to my surprise, were well educated, well informed of the cruelty and injustice that goes on in this industry. The youngest boy pointed to a photo on the leaflet and said that dogs shouldn’t be treated like that. The physical presence of our demonstration highlighted the reality of how greyhounds are regarded as by the industry – money making machines and disposable commodities. Nevertheless, some somehow went home with some kind of awareness of the plight of greyhounds.

Some people took time to read our banners; one man from a group said “is that what happens?” to which I quickly acted upon by giving him a leaflet and spoke briefly of the reasons we campaign. He carefully folded the leaflet and placed it in his pocket for him to ‘read later’.

Another surprise of the evening was a security guard kindly handed over to us a couple of leaflets that were thrown on the floor. Such a heart warming act of kindness as he could easily have thrown them in the bin.

Well done to everyone who turned up in the cold especially the children. Some of the supporters tonight were first timers but very keen to join the next protest as they said this is one campaign that we must take a firm stand for, such cruelty to innocent lives musn’t go unnoticed. We gave out a lot of leaflets and spoke to many people who showed interest in our campaign.”

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AfG Cinema Awareness Campaign 2
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AfG Cinema Awareness Campaign 3
“Greyhounds – Dying to Entertain You”

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Our two main Campaign Events for 2020 are:

  • “REMEMBER RUSTY” WEEKEND May - Sat. 2nd and Sun. 3rd ( Remember Rusty Day May 2nd)
  • “GREYHOUND REMEMBRANCE WEEKEND” July - Sat. 25th and Sun. 26th

Please see the our ‘How you can help’ section for more details and contact AFG if you would like some of our awareness leaflets for distribution or display.