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C.A.G.E. (Coventry Against Greyhound Exploitation) PEACEFUL PROTEST, COVENTRY GREYHOUND STADIUM 16.11.2013


This write up and photos have been sent to us by this dedicated group who are outside the track on a regular basis, keeping up the vital public awareness.

Another very successful demo with the usual pathetically low number of people going in.
80 cars (and only cars!) averaging 2 people per vehicle. Sometimes we have to wait 5 minutes before a car arrives.
We gave out leaflets to 38 of the cars.

Sunday racing has now finished at the Stadium and Wednesday night racing has been moved to Mondays in a vain effort to ‘find’ an evening that appeals to the punters.

They have now tried EVERY night of the week and none are working for them!

Mondays and Tuesdays average 50 cars per meeting and most Saturdays are like last night, with about 80-90.

All in all, re-opening this Track has been a total failure. Hopefully Harry Findley will soon get fed-up with throwing his money away, end the dog-racing and turn his hand to some more profitable non animal-abusing enterprise.

Ann Casey. (spokesperson for the group)

Shocking new greyhound revelations

Shocking video and news report sent to us today from Afg supporters in New Zealand.

Well done to 3D for exposing this and to Aaron Cross for his report.

WARNING..This video contains very distressing images of greyhound cruelty



Left side of track entrance

Left side of track entrance

Right side of track entrance

Right side of track entrance

AFG, Greyhound Action in Peterborough and Bedfordshire Greyhound Action, had a very successful evening of awareness with an impressive group of dedicated campaigners.

Possibly 50% of race goers willingly winding down their windows to take leaflets politely handed to them.

Its easy to see who the hardened race goers are, when they speedily drive past avoiding the sight of the ‘Running for Their Lives’ leaflets. Many baffled expressions on faces when they view the large awareness banners, especially from children who are being forced to spend a ‘night at the races’.

Meanwhile the ‘educated children’ are willingly spending their evening raising awareness for the greyhounds, outside the track.

Its very encouraging to see that so many racegoers took notice of our presence, proving that the track protests are another of many ways of raising public awareness and highlighting the secrets the industry choose to keep from them.




Greyhound protection campaigners organized tonight’s protest to coincide with this racenight being held whilst a massive public firework display was being held right opposite the stadium.

Romford stadium allowed their greyhounds to be exposed to unnecessary trauma by deciding to allow this racenight to go ahead, knowing well in advance that the firework display would be taking place. Even with strong opposition from Greyhound protection campaigners and the Dogs Trust and the Blue Cross, they failed to cancel the racing, putting commercial concerns above animal welfare concerns.

The group say “The protest was very positive, with racegoers willingly taking our leaflets and some even stopping to have discussions with us. Only on man hurled some verbal abuse at us and a female taking a leaflet only to stand and screw it up and throw it to the ground in front of us. We had lots of ‘hoots of support’ from passing motorists”

Hopefully the group received support from the passing public (who were not going into the track) because they had been made aware of the insensitivity of the stadium failing to cancel the racing on compassionate grounds after seeing the Romford Recorder article


Perry Barr demo 2013-11-01
A dedicated group of campaigners stood in the rain to raise awareness this evening outside Perry Barr stadium in Birmingham.

They managed to raise lots of awareness with their eye catching banners and were able to distribute many leaflets to racegoers.

If you live in or near Birmingham or are able to travel here, please join the group who will be arranging regular track protests here and possibly at the other Birmingham track Hall Green, as well as doing other general public awareness events in and around Birmingham.

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