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Romford greyhound stadium are allowing greyhounds to be subjected to unecessary trauma and suffering by holding a race night whilst a massive public firework display takes place right opposite the track on Friday November 1st
See details

Please contact the industry governing body the GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) asking them to please have the greyhounds welfare as their main priority, by ordering Romford stadium to cancel this Fridays race night
their email is
Their telephone contact is : 020 7421 3770 or you can submit a form on their website which can be found here:

Please also contact the rspca, the Dogs Trust and the Blue Cross who are the three main animal welfare charities who sit on the GBGB welfare forum
Asking them to also ask the GBGB to order this race night to be cancelled on compassionate grounds
Their details can be found here:
Dogs Trust
Blue Cross
All the websites have a telephone contact but you will get a faster response by submitting an email enquiry form which can be emailed to them from their websites
Afg will be submitting an article to the Romford Recorder with our response to their article in the hope it will be published
All updates will be shown on Action for Greyhounds facebook


Owlerton greyhound stadium in Sheffield are planning a special race evening on Sunday November 3rd from 5pm- 8pm followed by a public firework display

Please ask them to cancel this event

A greyhound stadium is no place to hold such a terrorizing event, bearing in mind there are resident greyhounds at the tracks kennels who will be exposed to un necessary trauma and suffering
Please also complain to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain ( G.B.G.B. ) Welfare department, asking them to order this event to be canceled on compassionate grounds
Their details can be found here

As you will see on the bottom of their ‘ welfare ‘ page, they are supported by the Blue Cross, RSPCA and Dogs Trust
Please contact those 3 major charities with your concerns, asking them to oppose the event
The fireworks company, in conjunction with the stadium, have completed full risk assessment and compliance is agreed with the Safety Advisory Group and Licensing Division of Sheffield City Council
Please send polite complaints to Sheffield council asking them to retract their permission for this event to go ahead
Sheffield council also own the nearby Shirecliffe allotment site, where they prohibit the keeping of dogs on the site
There are 50 + dogs kept unsupervised here, including greyhounds along with various other breeds
These dogs are at serious risk of being injured, possibly fatally by stray fireworks landing near them where they have no escape
We doubt any risk assessment will cover the safety of these poor dogs
Sheffield Council contact details can be found here:
We all know how bad it is for our own animals who live with us as part of our family, throughout the dreadful ‘ firework season ‘ which seems to go on for weeks
So it is utter madness that anyone can plan such an event within such close proximity to many vulnerable animals and to have no compassion whatsoever

Trainer stands down over unburied greyhounds

Shame on Greyhound Racing New Zealand. In the following article G.R.N.Z’s General Manager, Jim Leach comments “It’s not the way our sport should treat its heroes” and “But despite this, no animal welfare laws or GRNZ rules have been broken” !?! Totally unbelievable! More proof of why the greyhound racing industry CANNOT continue to be SELF GOVERNED.


Friday Hound Blogging

You know, we’ve been thinking about our old buddy Tom Taylor a lot lately here in the marbled halls of IM Central. Say what you will about Tommy (and we often did) he could always be counted on for a bit of dissembling, some avoidance of the issue, or just out right lies when it came to the treatment of the units down at Tucson Death Camp for Greyhounds. But since he was unceremoniously dumped it’s like a light has gone out of our lives. If by light you mean pustulating horror of cold, empty, silent blackness, sucking the humanity from your very soul.

Anyway, we got to wondering what was going on at the TGP injury and death factory post Tommy so we took to the interwebs and what before our wandering eyes should appear but:


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