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Greyhound racing in China

While we are relieved that Bord na gCon was denied permission to export Irish greyhounds to China, we remain alarmed that they are nevertheless going to attempt to develop and manage racetracks there. This is not just a cynical move, but a sinister one. They will have to get greyhounds from somewhere for this cruel sport.


Greyhound board on track to manage dog racing in China

The Irish Greyhound Board is to seek permission from the Government to set up a separate international arm that could manage dog tracks in China.



An official representing the Macau track is reported saying that 400 of their dogs are killed every year. It would be reasonable to assume a similar figure will be killed annually for each new stadium to open under any collaboration with the IGB.

Greyhound export plan shelved

The Irish Greyhound Board has shelved plans to export Irish greyhounds to China after the Department of Agriculture refused to approve the proposal.


Assurances on export of greyhounds to China

The Irish Greyhound Board may repatriate retired Irish greyhounds from China to Europe in an effort to appease concerns by animal welfare activists over a multimillion-euro proposal to develop a racing industry in China.



A quote in The Sunday Times earlier this year perhaps best demonstrates the IGB’s concern for the dog’s welfare: “We do not have any influence on the welfare standards adopted in other countries, and these matters are more appropriately dealt with by the country’s own legislative system.”

It can be a dog’s life in underground racing world

Dog racing is an underground activity in China, where gambling is illegal, writes Clifford Coonan in Beijing.

There are three small venues for racing dogs in China; racetracks would be an exaggeration. One in Shanghai and another in the southern city of Shenzhen, are operational, while a third is under way in Wuhan.


Controversial greyhound races in steep decline

For years, fans of greyhound races have faced off against animal welfare activists who say the dogs are kept muzzled in small cages, fed inferior food, injected with steroids and frequently injured at the track. Dog breeders, owners and racing lobbyists counter that the dogs are well-tended and love to run.

Despite their disagreement on conditions for the dogs, there is no disputing this: Greyhound racing is in a steep decline. Racing fans blame the economy and competition from instant gambling like slot machines. Activists say it’s time to end the races altogether.


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