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Protest on steps of London Embassy

A large group of people gathered outside the Irish Embassy in Grosvenor Place, London, this Saturday to protest at proposals by the Irish Greyhound Board to develop greyhound racing in China.

The gathering to include representatives from Action for Greyhounds, Greyhound Compassion and Greyhounds in Need travelled from various UK locations to voice their concerns.

Banners and placards were used to great effect and leaflets highlighting the groups concern for the welfare of greyhounds exported to China were distributed to passing members of the public.

Hundreds of motorists gave their ‘hoot of support’ to the demonstration that was held amid growing international anger against the IGB.

A big thank you to all who donated very generously towards the cost of leaflets, placards and banners.

Future of greyhounds in China

We write as a concerned group of leading animal welfare organisations with extensive experience of greyhound welfare, regarding the Irish Greyhound Board’s suggested interest in sending Irish greyhounds to the People’s Republic of China to establish a greyhound industry. It is clear that this venture is being pursued with no consideration for the welfare of greyhounds. The future of Irish greyhounds in China would at best be short lived and at worst dire and unthinkable.


Chinese set to take away Irish dogs

And they’re off… Bord na gCon, the Irish greyhound board, wants to export dogs to China as part of an international expansion that could result in it operating racing stadiums there.

The move is opposed by Irish animal welfare groups, which say other countries refuse to sell greyhounds to China. Dogs too slow to win races are routinely slaughtered and even eaten, they claim.


166 greyhounds dead and thousands injured

After being denied access to information for years, Grey2K USA finally exposed thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths at the Tri-State Racetrack in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. Grey2K USA is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the cruelty of dog racing and passing stronger greyhound protection laws. According to state records they just obtained, nearly 200 dogs have died since 2005, and at least 3,208 were injured. 


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