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What a great weekend for this new group to hold their first greyhound awareness event.

As part of the campaign’s National Greyhound Remembrance Weekend, the groups coordinator Lynsey, planned the protest with the help of some very keen supporters.

This William Hill owned track is long overdue for this vital awareness to be brought to the attention of racegoers, who would otherwise be uneducated of the plight of the greyhounds. Also very encouraging to see these lovely children, keen to give their support and add their voices to help the greyhounds. Great to see ‘the next generation’ getting so involved with the campaign.

The group will be planning regular protests at this track as well as the 2 other tracks near the area, William Hill owned Sunderland track and Pelew Grange and in the foreseeable future they are hoping to hold other general public awareness/education events in and around the Newcastle area.

Norman the greyhound finds a new home and sprints back to health

Fantastic to hear that Norman has made such a rapid recovery and in a loving environment with other canine pals.

Lets hope the outcome is that someone will be charged with this horrendous cruelty which was inflicted on this young innocent greyhound.

Well done to all the people who cared for this beautiful boy.


AFG JOIN S.A.F.A. (Sussex Action For Animals) PEACEFUL PROTEST BRIGHTON&HOVE 06.07.2013

Another great campaign awareness protest outside this track owned by Coral bookmakers.

The track car park is shared with a supermarket so campaigners have got a fantastic opportunity to distribute the leaflets to the non race-going public as well, so therefore raising double the awareness.

The group say they are always surprised at just how many people going into the stadium for a night out, are totally unaware of the grim reality of greyhound racing and again, many promised they would not come back.

New AFG supporters will be planning more regular protests at this track, possibly every fortnight on a Saturday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm along with members of S.A.F.A.


AFG supporters joined SAFA (Sussex Action For Animals) for tonight’s peaceful protest, where they say many people going in for a night out at the races were shocked to learn of the reality of greyhound racing and how the greyhounds are treated and many vowed never to come back again, so let’s hope they don’t (it would have been better of course if they had decided not to go in this evening).

It is hoped that a new AFG group will be formed for East Sussex to concentrate on greyhound awareness campaigning which will include joining SAFA on their track protests, as well organizing more regular protests for the track and other general public awareness/educational events in the surrounding areas.

Anyone wishing to support the new group, please contact AFG so we are able to put you in touch with the group coordinators.

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