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Colour/sex: Black female

Date of birth: May 2009

Last reg owner:

Races contended: none

Last rec. race: N/A

Cara came into the care of AFG in November 2011.

She had been acquired at 6 weeks of age from greyhound breeder/trainer and owner Margret Baily from Norwich.
We were contacted by the owner as Cara was very ill and needed veterinary treatment and possibly an operation which the owner could not afford.
We were able to take Cara in straight away as we had a foster home available. Cara was urinating blood and was very lethargic and it was imperative she had immediate veterinary attention.
Cara received veterinary treatment straight away and over time with extensive treatment she made a full recovery.
Her foster carers became her adopters and she is now happy healthy and enjoying life with another AFG hound – Murphy the lurcher.

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Colour/sex: White & black female

Date of birth: 20.04.2000

Last reg owner: Mrs J Simpson

Races contended: 12

Last rec. race: 15.08.2002 Yarmouth

PIP – (named for racing as) Miss Pips

Pip came into the care of AFG April 2008 in an emaciated state. She was handed into a local rescue (from where she had been homed 6 years earlier when under different management).
She was traumatised in the kennels and wouldn’t eat and for fear of her health deteriorating further the rescue sought the help of AFG and she was signed over to us.
The previous owner had neglected Pip for 4 months after his wife had left him and demanded the rescue took her back. Sadly the rescue chose not to pursue a prosecution case.
Pip continued to make steady progress in her foster home over the next few months. When fit enough she received a dental and her spine was x-rayed as she sometimes showed lameness after exercise.
The x-ray showed a piece of bone chipped off her spine believed to be caused by a trauma injury. No doubt why her short racing career came to an abrupt finish.
Pip gradually improved physically and mentally and was adopted in August 2008.

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Colour/sex: Black & white female

Date of birth: 16.03.2001

Last rec. trainer: S Gallant

Races contended: No record

Last rec. race: N/A

BELLA – (named for racing as) No Way Jose

Greyhounds homed independently by members of the racing fraternity are rarely (if ever) neutered. No Way Jose was no exception and across many years was allowed to have several litters. Home for the greyhound was a dilapidated caravan and when responsibility for the animals care was left with a neighbour the help of AFG was sought.

After a short period of time in foster care Belle was found a loving and forever home in June 2010.

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Colour/sex: Blue brindle female

Date of birth: 06.08.2002

Last rec. trainer: K A Marlow

Races contended: 83

Last rec. race: Harlow/A7/16.09.2006

GENIE – (named for racing as) Thirsty Maiden

The history of Genie immediately following retirement is unclear but the blue brindle female ended up at a rescue traumatised and shaking with fear. Genie was subsequently signed over to AFG.

After briefly being in foster care for a second time Genie was found a loving and forever home in September 2010.


Colour/sex: White & brindle female

Date of birth: 05.10.2002

Last rec. trainer: P G Debenham

Races contended: No record

Last rec. race: N/A

POPPY – (named for racing as) Elsa Something

Poppy is another greyhound homed by trainer Peter Debenham, un-neutered and without a home check. The new owner – a single mother working all hours – was simply not in a position to look after the greyhound properly and Poppy was signed over to AFG.

Poppy was found a loving and forever home in April 2006.


Colour/sex: White & blue male

Date of birth: 28.09.1996

Last rec. trainer: No record

Races contended: 2

Last rec. race: Yarmouth/O/05.05.1999

PATCH – (named for racing as) Flax Chief

After a brief career on the track, Patch was kept by his owner until 10 years old when, due to a decline in the owners health, the greyhound was signed over to AFG.

Patch is in permanent foster care.


Colour/sex: White & brindle male

Ben was such a gentle boy, here he is with staffie cross Fern and rescued hen, Chook Chook

Ben was such a gentle boy, here he is with staffie cross Fern and rescued hen, Chook Chook

Date of birth: 19.08.1996

Last rec. trainer: No record

Races contended: No record

Last rec. race: N/A

BEN – (named for racing as) Silver Stream

Ben was given away, un-neutered, at a young age. The greyhound was perhaps looked after properly over the immediate years to follow, but later in life suffered serious neglect. When brought to the attention of AFG, Ben had rotten teeth and overgrown nails, was flea ridden and emaciated.

Ben is now in permanent foster care and enjoying the love he so richly deserves. 


Colour/sex: Black female

Date of birth: 10.05.2002

Last rec. trainer: I Barnard

Races contended: N/A

Last rec. race: N/A

PEG – (named for racing as) Mamas Money

Peg never made the grade to race and in 2003 was off-loaded by trainer Irene Barnard with little regard shown for the dog’s future welfare and security. Turn the clock forward to June 2009 and the greyhound was being advertised on Freecycle. A reader, apparently concerned about what might happen to the dog, took possession of her and a few days later signed the black female over to AFG.

After 3 years in what was expected to be Peg’s ‘forever home’ she had to come back into the care of AFGg through no fault of her own and is now in permanent foster care with her soul mate Frankie, another rescued greyhound. Frankie came from another rescue center and Peg has helped him gain confidence since she joined him in his home.

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