Dogs Homed – Greyhounds


Colour / Sex :   Black Male

Date of Birth :  1.12.2003

Last rec. trainer :  K.D.Cull

Races contended :  7  ( inc trials )

Last race :  Peterborough  15.10.2005

RILEY – (named for racing as) Meenala Boss

Riley came into the care of AFG on 18.11.2011 after we were informed by another rescue that a man was trying to get rid of a greyhound a.s.a.p.

When we went to see the dog we discovered he had been acquired 5 months earlier from a rescue who we were familiar with. After contacting the rescue, it was agreed that Riley could be signed over to AFG as we had a foster home available for him.

After 2 weeks in foster care Riley found his wonderful forever home with 4 other rescue dogs and 6 cats. He was a wonderful boy who could not be faulted. We dread to think where Riley would have ended up had he not been brought to our attention and the original rescue may never have known.

R.I.P Dear Riley 1.12.03-9.10.10


Colour / Sex : White and brindle Female

Date of birth : 18.08.1996

Last rec. trainer : Peter Debenham

Races contended :

Last rec. race :

BIG MILLY – (named for racing as) Turnthelightoff

Big Milly came into the care of AFG in June 2005 at 9 years of age.
We were contacted by the people who had acquired her from Peter and June Debenham’s Racing Greyhound Retirement Home (R.G.R.H.) 4 years previously. The couple had 3 young children and stated “they hadn’t got time for Milly – how much time does a 9 year old quiet gentle greyhound take up?!!!

When signed over, Milly had no veterinary records and when the couple were asked why she had not been spayed they said “The trainer, P Debenham, said ” it was not necessary” and she’d only came in season twice with a teaspoonful of blood (even more worrying). We were told Milly had pain when she arose from a lying position. A vet check showed no neurological problems but would check further when spayed.

After 1 week in foster care Milly found her forever home and after a few days settling in, she was spayed. Just in the nick of time as the vet found tumours on her ovaries and after a complicated hysterectomy, she made a full recovery.

The previous owners had never taken her to the vet and by the time she would have shown signs of discomfort, it would have been too late, luckily we got her just in time.

Milly lived a contented happy healthy life and reached the great age of 14 years

 R.I.P Dear Big Milly    18.8.96-2010

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