Dogs Homed – Lurchers / Other Sighthounds


Dog’s Name: Joey
Estimated age: 6 years
Breed: possibly Saluki, Greyhound cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 27-01-2006
How dog was acquired by Afg: previous owner could not keep him
Date homed: 05-08-2006

It would seem he had been handed into a stray kennels and homed out on at least three occasions. The last time he was returned to the previous owner who he was micro-chipped to, who had since given him to someone else because she didn’t want him. It seems neither did they, as he was soon picked up as a stray again.

The girl picked him up again from the stray kennels again but didn’t want him, so handed him to a friend who couldn’t keep him, as he was not safe with her cats so this lady contacted AFG for help.

Joey was very underweight and had digestive problems, not helped by being infested with worms and although homed out several times by the kennels, was not neutered.

Over time in foster care, Joey slowly improved physically and mentally, although he showed aggression to certain dog breeds (possibly caused by his unstable background).

Eventually Joey found his wonderful forever home on August 5th 2006.

He still suffered with digestive upsets, but over time with expert care and once he realized he was staying in a comfortable safe environment, his overall condition eventually improved and he became a healthy stunning boy, with the life he so deserved.

ALFIE (previously named Archie)

Dog’s Name: Alfie
Estimated age: 12 – 18 months
Breed: possibly greyhound, deerhound, bedlington cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 02-07-2008
How dog was acquired by Afg: unclaimed stray
Date homed: 22-08-2008

He had been picked up by dog wardens straying on a major road and had a piece of cut off electric cable around his neck.

Although it was believed he had come from a local travelers site, no ownership was proven. He was not neutered and was underweight with sore skin and his coat was in poor condition. He was estimated to be between 12 to 18 months of age.

After a short time in foster care, where his general health improved he found his forever home with another lurcher on 22nd August 2008.


Dogs Name: Scooby (number 2)
Date of Birth:  approx: 2007
Breed:  Bull Lurcher ( large-Mastiff type)
Date came to AfGs care:  January  2009
How dog was acquired: Saved from stray kennels
Was noticed at a stray kennels when AfG were there picking up a Greyhound.
He had been seen by a member of the public straying around the Norfolk coast for sometime and later managed to be caught then taken to the stray kennels by a dog warden.
We were told he was well over his statutory 8 day period, they were concerned he was not eating well, was underweight and had a cough.
AfG soon found a suitable foster home for him so were able to pick him up a few days later.
He first went to our vets ( photos taken 1 and 2) to have a full examination/health check, whereby it was discovered he had quite a bad case of kennel cough with a high temperature, chest infection and mucus coming from his eyes and nose.
He received medication and went on to his foster home, where in the weeks which followed he steadily improved physically and mentally and was soon able to be neutered then start his inoculation course.
By the size of his head and bone on a skinny frame it was obvious this young hound was going to mature into a very large lad.
Several weeks passed and Scooby was passed fit and healthy and went on to his forever home with the company of another female Bull Lurcher and a Labrador cross.
One year on Scooby (2) had grown into a big strong muscular hound weighing 42 kgs.
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