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Dog’s Name: Floyd and Storm
Estimated age: 3 years
Breed: possibly Greyhound ,Border Collie cross
Date came to Afg’s care: May 2010
How dog was acquired by Afg: were at risk of being shot by a landowner or seized by police as they were straying and had killed some deer
Date homed: Storm September 2010, Floyd March 2011

These 2 boys who are brothers came to AFG in May 2010, not long after we took in their 9 year old mother, Belle (who is featured on ‘dogs homed greyhounds’- she was named for racing as No Way Jose).

Sadly when we took Belle in April 2010, from the miserable existence the dogs were living in, we were not able to take her 2 sons Floyd and Storm. But by a strange twist of fate a month later, we were contacted by a support worker from a local residential institute where the dogs previous owner had been residing for 12 months, stating that the 2 dogs were at risk of being shot by a landowner or seized by police as they were straying and had killed some deer.

The previous owner had left the dogs for nearly a year to more or less fend for themselves, with a neighbour putting food and water out for them every day, and shutting them in a dilapidated, unheated caravan each night and letting them out each morning.

When we visited the lonely site before we finally collected the boys, there was evidence they were catching their own rabbits to eat. Although they were in fairly good condition, body wise when we collected them, it was quite obvious they had not been socialized or had a lead on or traveled in a vehicle.

Floyd got his name, as when we picked him up, his face was split open and had got infected (possibly an injury from barbed wire or a kick from a deer). Storm got his name because he was like a storm racing around, hiding under the caravan and panicking when we tried to get a lead or harness on him (in the end he was just picked up and carried to the van).

As Floyds face needed immediate veterinary attention, we decided to leave them at the vets together and have them both neutered at the same time.’After this they went together to a small private boarding kennels, with their own private paddock and settled in very happily, with warm clean quilts to lie on and good nourishing food and bones and treats and toys to enjoy.

AFG volunteers were able to walk them daily and take them out to lots of places to meet other dogs and people.

They soon became well adjusted dogs and eventually in September 2010, Storm found his forever home and Floyd went into a lovely foster home and a short while later in March 2011 Floyd was also adopted.

We were able to help these boys have a good life and a secure future due to the dedication and help of AFG volunteers and many donations of money including a very generous donation from the Sighthound Welfare Trust.


Dog’s Name: Murphy
Estimated age: 4 to 5 years
Breed: possibly Deerhound,Greyhound cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 24-09-2008
How dog was acquired by Afg: picked up as an unclaimed stray

Murphy had been picked up by dog wardens and after 7 days in a stray kennels was not claimed although he was neutered, he was not microchipped.

AFG had a foster home available for him with 2 other rescue dogs so were able to take him straight away.

Murphy was familiar with a house, so had obviously been a family companion at some time in his life. His foster home very quickly became his forever home.

Over the years his 2 elderly rescue canine friends have since passed away but he has since been joined by another AFG adopted greyhound Cara and are very happy together (Cara also featured on Dogs homed ‘Greyhounds’).


Dog’s Name: Bonnie
Estimated age: 1 year
Breed: possibly Bedlington, Whippet cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 06-04-2008
How dog was acquired by Afg: previous owner, who had brought her from a breeder at about 8 weeks of age, could no longer keep her, due to ill health
Date homed: April 2008

Bonnie was quite nervous and not very well socialized with other dogs.

After just 4 days in a foster home, we luckily found a wonderful home for Bonnie with a lovely lady who had recently lost her beloved elderly greyhound girl to cancer.

Bonnie settled in very well and soon met lots of very friendly dogs on her country walks and gradually became less fearful due to the patience and kindness of her devoted carer.


Dog’s Name: Scooby
Estimated age: 1 year
Breed: possibly Saluki, Whippet, Greyhound Cross
Date came to AfG’s care: 12-08-2005
Date homed: 16-12-2005

Scooby was underweight with a lack of muscle. We believe the home we got him from was his 3rd home in a very short time.

He settled very quickly in his foster home and was soon able to be neutered.

After 6 months in foster care, where he was well socialized and brought up to good health.

Scooby found his new home on 16th December 2005, with Abby the blue greyhound girl adopted from AFG 2 years previously (see Abby in ‘HOMED: GREYHOUNDS’).

Sadly Abby was lost to cancer in 2009 and is greatly missed.

Soon after, Scooby was joined by little lurcher Rubi (see below).

RUBI (previously named Blossom)

Dog’s Name: Rubi
Estimated age: 2 years
Breed: possibly Saluki, Whippet cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 25-10-2009
How dog was acquired by Afg: previous owner could not keep her as he was moving to accommodation with a ‘no pets’ policy

Rubi was underweight and didn’t seem to be very well socialized with other dogs and was not properly house trained. After a short time in a caring, patient foster home, Rubi found her new home where she joined Scooby, ( shown above) another lurcher homed by AfG 4 years previously.

Rubi soon settled with Scooby and her new carers and it wasn’t long before she picked up her new routine and had less accidents and became clean in the house.

As you can see by the 3rd photo taken in 2012, Rubi and Scooby are still enjoying a great life


Dog’s Name: Joey
Estimated age: 6 years
Breed: possibly Saluki, Greyhound cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 27-01-2006
How dog was acquired by Afg: previous owner could not keep him
Date homed: 05-08-2006

It would seem he had been handed into a stray kennels and homed out on at least three occasions. The last time he was returned to the previous owner who he was micro-chipped to, who had since given him to someone else because she didn’t want him. It seems neither did they, as he was soon picked up as a stray again.

The girl picked him up again from the stray kennels again but didn’t want him, so handed him to a friend who couldn’t keep him, as he was not safe with her cats so this lady contacted AFG for help.

Joey was very underweight and had digestive problems, not helped by being infested with worms and although homed out several times by the kennels, was not neutered.

Over time in foster care, Joey slowly improved physically and mentally, although he showed aggression to certain dog breeds (possibly caused by his unstable background).

Eventually Joey found his wonderful forever home on August 5th 2006.

He still suffered with digestive upsets, but over time with expert care and once he realized he was staying in a comfortable safe environment, his overall condition eventually improved and he became a healthy stunning boy, with the life he so deserved.

ALFIE (previously named Archie)

Dog’s Name: Alfie
Estimated age: 12 – 18 months
Breed: possibly greyhound, deerhound, bedlington cross
Date came to Afg’s care: 02-07-2008
How dog was acquired by Afg: unclaimed stray
Date homed: 22-08-2008

He had been picked up by dog wardens straying on a major road and had a piece of cut off electric cable around his neck.

Although it was believed he had come from a local travelers site, no ownership was proven. He was not neutered and was underweight with sore skin and his coat was in poor condition. He was estimated to be between 12 to 18 months of age.

After a short time in foster care, where his general health improved he found his forever home with another lurcher on 22nd August 2008.


Colour/sex: White/Black Female

Date of birth: ?.01.2005

Last reg trainer: Mr. Peter Debenham

Races contended: none

Last rec. race: N/A

PURDY – (named for racing as) LLEYTONS GIRL
Although named for racing, Purdy was not raced on a licensed track and was soon offloaded by her trainer/owner/breeder once deemed ‘no good for racing’.

After several months in a home with little company and left alone for hours, this very nervous girl came into the care of AFG. It was obvious that Purdy hadn’t been well exercised or socialized. However, she soon blossomed in her foster home with the company of another confident greyhound.

After 3 months in her foster home, where with expert care Purdy improved steadily, physically and mentally, Purdy found her forever home where she continued to overcome her fears and insecurities with the tender care and patience of her devoted carer. She developed into a stunning, happy confident girl.

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