Dogs Homed


Colour/sex: Black Female

Date of birth: 19.08.2004

Last rec. trainer: S.P.Riches

Races contended: 25

Last rec. race: Mildenhall A2 02.12.2007

MOLLY – (named for racing as) Kefcar Molly

Molly came into the care of AFG 20.11.2008 (after Lulu and before Vikki -all from the same owner /trainer.

Again Molly was let down by a local independant rescue, who had promised to take her. Luckily we had a suitable foster home for Molly with a rescued Jack Russel, “Flossie”, so were able to take her into our care.

Molly quickly settled and within 2 weeks her foster home became her forever home. Janet and David fell for her and couldn’t bear to part with her, so adopted her.
Both dogs are great companions and are affectionatley known as “the Moll and the Floss”.


Date of birth: 02.12.2007

Last rec. trainer: A Trett

Races contended: 2

Last rec. race: Lifford/A6/01.08.2009

RAVEN – (named for racing as) Trinket Boy

Injury in a trial curtailed a career on the track for Raven and responsibility for his future welfare was given to Yarmouth Homefinders. The health and condition of the greyhound was subsequently to deteriorate significantly and in January 2010 he was taken home by a concerned volunteer working for the rescue. A few days later Raven was placed in the care of AFG.

Raven has since made a full recovery and is now enjoying life to the full in a loving and forever home.

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Colour/sex: White & black male

Date of birth: 01.02.2003

Last rec. trainer: D Warner

Races contended: N/A

Last rec. race: N/A

When just 13 months old Buddy was attacked by a terrier and needed immediate veterinary treatment. The owner and trainer would not cover veterinary costs and signed Buddy over to the practice who, in turn, signed the greyhound over to AFG. The fact the treatment Buddy required would end any chance of the dog racing is of course incidental.

Buddy was found a loving and forever home in February 2005.


Colour/sex: Dk brindle & white male

Date of birth: 01.02.2005

Last rec. trainer: P G Debenham

Races contended: 17

Last rec. race: Yarmouth/A8/27.04.2007

BILLY – (named for racing as) Billy Bish

After a brief career on the track, Billy was homed un-neutered and without a home check by his trainer Peter Debenham. Billy was full of energy and more than his new owner could manage who soon wanted rid of the greyhound. With Debenham seemingly unwilling to take Billy back the help of AFG was sought.

After one year in foster care and one failed adoption Billy was found a loving and forever home in May 2010.


Colour/sex: Black & white female

Date of birth: 10.01.2004

Last rec. trainer: S P Riches

Races contended: 33

Last rec. race: Yarmouth/A3/04.05.2007

LULU – (named for racing as) Bryanvale Lady

When Lulu’s race owner wanted nothing more to do with racing the dog was retired and, in contrast with normal practice for many owners and trainers, action was taken to ensure the dog would have a secure and happy future. The only oversight on the part of the owner was payment to cover, at least in part, foster care and veterinary costs. 

After 2 months in foster care Lulu was found a loving and forever home in February 2009.


Colour/sex: Black female

Date of birth: 21.01.2002

Last rec. trainer: M W W Power

Races contended: 106

Last rec. race: Yarmouth/A5/07.11.2007

JADE – (named for racing as) Glenske Shade

After a long career on the track, Jade was given away with the same indifferent concern for her welfare that was evident in the condition of the very nervous greyhound. The black female’s teeth needed urgent attention; she was crawling with fleas and riddled with worms.

After a short period of time in foster care Jade was found a loving and forever home in October 2008.


Colour/sex: White & fawn female

Date of birth: 21.12.1998

Last rec. trainer: F A Barker

Races contended: No record

Last rec. race: N/A

Racing info above acquired from G.B.G.B. records
However I.D. Book shows raced from July 29th 2000 to Feb 27th 2001 Total races 30 (including trials) – all at Yarmouth

ZONDA – (named for racing as) O’Malleys Wonder

Zonda was off-loaded on a young couple who had their hands full with 3 children. The home was to prove totally unsuitable but the greyhound was then given to a teenager whose tenancy agreement prevented her from owning another dog. The dog’s future was only secure when the teenager’s father contacted AFG.

After a few months in foster care Zonda was found a loving and forever home.


These are Bob's teeth when he came into our care with extensive dental problems

These are Bob’s teeth when he came into our care with extensive dental problems

Colour/sex: Brindle male

Date of birth: 06.06.2000

Last rec. trainer: P G Debenham

Races contended: 2

Last rec. race: Catford/A5/05.03.2002

BOB – (named for racing as) Hare Running

Following a brief career on the track Bob was passed from pillar to post. The beautiful brindle male was adopted no less than 4 times before being signed over to AFG. It is not uncommon for greyhounds homed irresponsibly to see a quick succession of ownership.

After a short period of time in foster care Bob was found a loving and forever home.

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