Dublin Primary School brings their young pupils to night of gambling at the dogs

The O‘Connel’s primary school Parents Association obviously believes that Gambling is a healthy pursuit for 8 to 10 year old schoolchildren. A night at the dogs was arranged by the OCS Parents association on last Thursday 3rd May. A mini-bus and apparently a Gardai community Van shuttled children for a night of gambling at Shelbourne Park to bet on about 12 races as no underage limit applies at Greyhound and Horse tracks in Ireland.

One child won 60-80 euro and the website for the school said the following regarding the event. The O Connell Primary School Dublin website‎ states-‘
A Night at the Dogs posted 4 May 2012 00:08 by Gerry Hancock .A big Thank You to everyone who helped out with or attended the OCS Parents’ Assoc. Night at the Dogs last night. It was an overwhelming success.’

A success for who we wonder?, the dogs raced and possibly drugged, injured or killed by the Greyhound Industry, the school children exposed to Gambling at the tote or did these parents never hear about addiction and the well documented abuse to dogs by Bord nag Con. Two good reasons for not supporting the Track! Including the very recent exposure of the Limerick pit full of dead ex- racers that was discovered. This horrified most people who heard of it.

We recently condemned Bord na g Con for offering school tours to children as a way of promoting their cruel Industry but in this case it is the irresponsible parents that are to blame. Our concern for animals abused for sport has brought this to light but we feel those concerned about the rise in gambling addictions should step out and condemn this ill-thought out action. Shouldn’t Parents associations be more diligent for children’s welfare?

A relative of one family who attended rang us expressing her disgust.

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