Help for Heroes benefiting from greyhound racing

We are very concerned that Help for Heroes will be benefiting from funds raised off the backs of greyhounds, who are ‘Running for Their Lives’ at Owlerton Greyhound Stadium.

Action for Greyhounds have submitted a complaint form to H.F.H. and are awaiting their response

A statement on H.F.H. website states: “We believe that any serviceman or woman who suffers life changing injury in the line of duty deserves the very best support for life”

Sadly this is not the case for most greyhounds who are bred and used for the greyhound racing industry.

We are sure if H.F.H. are made aware of the welfare issues surrounding greyhounds who are bred, used and disposed of by this ‘self regulated gambling industry’, that they would surely choose not to be in support of it.

Please send you polite complaints to H.F.H.

With reference to current, accurate information available on and
Highlighting the amount of greyhounds who go unaccounted for, presumed killed, the dangerously configurated tracks they are forced to race on, causing them to sustain injuries (often treatable) yet they are still destroyed, purely on economic grounds, the fact that many do not go on to find loving homes, that many are kept in unacceptable conditions and the fact that the greyhound racing industry chooses to keep this information out of the public domain.

Please keep your correspondence polite, at all times.

We have been made aware that 90% of the money raised from this event will go to the Army Benevolent Fund (ABF), with the remaining 10% to be given to Help for Heroes.

So Please will you also send polite complaints to A.B.F. email: telephone: 020 7901 8900
Please be aware that often these fundraisers are organized by a third party, who are not associated with the charity which is all the more reason to make the beneficiaries aware of what they are supporting by accepting the money.

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