Happy when he came to Afg on 17.09.15

Happy when he came to Afg on 17.09.15

Colour/Sex: Black Male

Date of birth: ?.08.2009

Last reg trainer: Irene Barnard

Races contended: 34

Last rec. race: Yarmouth/ grade A5 / 29.08.2012

HAPPY (named for racing as ) LESS THAN ZERO

Came into the care of AfG September 17th 2015.

He was in a terrible state of neglect, weighing only 23 kg emaciated and dehydrated. His entire body smelt of stale smoke, he was crawling with fleas, with hair loss and sore infected skin over 50% of his body. He had been kept in a second floor flat in Yarmouth, not far from the track where he was used for racing. Neighbors had been concerned for Happy (who was then named Jamie) as they had noticed his condition deteriorate over the years and more so over the past months as they noticed he was not being taken out of the flat.

One neighbour finally managed to convince the previous owner that Jamie would be much better off in another home and sought the help of AfG who acted immediately with the help of the neighbor to take him as we were concerned he may change his mind about giving him up. The conditions in the flat were awful, all windows closed, curtains drawn and the entire flat full of cigarette smoke. Even though his condition was so bad, he managed to wag his tail and could not wait to get out of the flat.

He was given just one small bowl of food a day and was allowed a small drink of water after and it is believed he was forced to wear the dirty, yellow, plastic muzzle (which he was wearing when we entered the flat) all day every day to stop him nibbling and itching his sore skin. He was very depressed by how uncomfortable his condition was and ravenous for food and water.

He stayed with our vet for the next 24 hours and was treated for the flea infestation, fed many small meals regularly and his sore skin was gently bathed.

Once in his foster home, he was very eager for his food and drink, but over the days that followed, he soon realized the food and water would be regularly available to him and he became less ravenous for them. He enjoyed the attention and company of his foster carers and his comfy bed and gentle walks.

It became apparent that Happy enjoyed meeting people and other dogs over the weeks and months which followed and he steadily improved physically and mentally. Once Happy had gained several kilos and was down to 2 good meals a day he went into a new foster home with the company of 2 other rescued dogs. All 3 hounds get on very well and Happy enjoys many walks and is able to run off lead with many other dogs.

It has taken many weeks to get Happy to the healthy condition he has now reached and his exercise is still being built up steadily. Unbelievably, the only action the RSPCA chose to take against the previous ‘owner’ was to issue him with a ‘severe verbal warning’, even though our vets were willing to back up a cruelty prosecution case.

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