Wilf weighing only 36 kilos with a scabby tail

Wilf weighing only 36 kilos with a scabby tail

Wilf 2013

Wilf 2013

Colour/sex: Blue Male

Date of birth: ?.11.2007

Last reg trainer: D.E. Freeman

Races contended: 26

Last rec. race: Perry Barr/ grade A5/ 10.10.2010

WILF – (named for racing as) PHELPS

Came into the care of AFG in August 2012, after he was advertised as a ‘Free Giveaway’ on an internet site.

The advert stated “our greyhound has got to go, as he is too big and my child is hurting him”.

Wilf had been picked up a short while before after being handed over at a car park somewhere near Shropshire. Now, once more he was being quickly and cheaply offloaded, with no regard given to what would become of him.

Once he came to AFG, he was in a bewildered state, he had an upset stomach and was reluctant to eat and drink at first. He is a very big lad, so being 32 kilos, he was quite underweight.

After a short while, Wilf was neutered and whilst under anesthetic his spine was X-rayed as we were concerned about the visible ‘dip’ towards the top of it. The X-rays confirmed that 2 vertebrae were damaged as the result of pressure being forced down on his back for a long period. It had previously been established that the child had been using Wilf as a pony to ride on, using his ears as reins!! So the x rays confirmed the fears we had that Wilf’s spine may be damaged.

Wilf slowly improved over the months which followed and enjoyed the company of the other dogs in the home, where it made sense for him to stay, so was adopted in November 2012.

Wilf is now in great condition and is at what we believe is the ideal weight of 42 kilos, for this giant of a lad.

Although the problem with his spine means we cannot let him race around at full pelt, we are able to let him exercise freely in the garden and in a small enclosed park, and he gets good long walks daily which have toned him up well and have strengthened the areas surrounding his spine.

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