Dogs Name:                          Oci
Estimated age:                     8 years
Breed:                                   Doberman cross Collie type
Date came to AfGs care:    03.10.2018
How dog was acquired:     Saved from ‘ death row’ at a Romanian dog pound by Happy Tails Romanian Rescue
Date Homed:                        03.10.2018 and to stay in his foster home permanently
Acquired his name after arriving from his long journey from Romania on October 3rd.
Earlier, AfG were tagged in a facebook awareness message in circulation.
Information with a photo of a dogs face appeared stating he was a black male 8 year old Greyhound near the end of his time in a ‘ death row’ block at the dog pound.
We assumed from the only image we had to go by that he was not a pure Greyhound but probably Greyhound cross Labrador or Rottweiler, but as we had a suitable foster home available we were able to agree to take him, giving Happy Tails Romanian Rescue the chance to save him for adoption, so they literally saved his life.
Imagine our surprise when this dear little lad came out of the transport vehicle, a medium size black and tan crossbreed mainly possibly Doberman x Collie type!! no sign of any Greyhound in him.
First reaction was the wrong dog had been delivered to us but it was quickly established that out of all the dogs on the transport ( Oci being the last one to be dropped off) he was the ‘ supposed large black male Greyhound!!).
The dear lad was so relieved to exit the vehicle and get out onto the grass and into the fresh air.
He became attached to his foster carer immediately not leaving his side. Though of sound temperament, he was bewildered and seemed clingy to his foster dad. So it was very quickly decided between AfG and foster dad that Oci and he would stay together and dear Oci would not be moved on but would settle to his new ‘ forever’ home. 
He is a lovely lad and often joins his foster dad at many of our events.
He also helps to settle other foster dogs in who have joined him briefly in his home. 
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