Colour/Sex: Black Female

Date of birth: 04.10.2008

Last reg trainer: L.D.Wallington

Last reg. racing owner:    Delahunty-Syndicate

Races contended: 61

Last rec. race: Swindon /A3/ 18.04.2012

PEARL – ( named for racing as)    STIR OF ECHOS

Came into the care of AfG October 6th 2018.

She was picked up on October 4th the day of her 10th birthday, so she had waited all those years to finally find the  loving home she so deserved.

It was obvious by her emaciated condition, her rotten teeth, her overgrown nails and general bad overall condition, including being of a very nervous disposition, that this poor dear hound had suffered many years of abuse and neglect.

History of any previous ‘owners’ since her last race on a GBGB licensed track 6 years earlier are not available as she had no microchip when she came to us.

The people who had her for the past months admitted they had no knowledge of how to adequately meet her care and welfare needs but they had taken her in after seeing her in such a bad state living outdoors, and learning she had been used for breeding, had been beaten and was no good so was going to be shot, so they took her out of sympathy.

They were not willing to divulge any information of where they acquired her from for fear of any repercussion, but were relieved she would be going to a knowledgeable home and would receive the care she really needed.

Over the months which followed after being neutered and receiving much needed dental treatment Pearls physical and mental condition improved gradually and being in a dedicated knowledgeable foster home with the company of other rescued Sighthounds her confidence improved too.

Her foster carers decided to adopt her permanently and hope she will enjoy many happy years ahead of her.The information and photo evidence was sent to the GBGB with an inquiry from AfG as to why one of the Greyhounds bred and used for their industry should end up in such a state of neglect and why she was not micro chipped and what action they were likely to take against the previous owner, but sadly the response we received from them was to inform us she was sold by her owner in 2012 and they could give us no more information about her.

So it seems the GBGB choose to shirk their responsibility for the future welfare and safety of their racing greyhounds once they leave their race tracks and incidentally they made no remarks on her awful condition or asked after her current welfare.

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