PLEASE HELP WITH THE WWW (winning words in the workplace) campaign

Winning Words in the Workplace!
Help stop nights out at the dogs
Packs available from Action for Greyhounds

A few years ago the Winning Words! campaign was launched, to educate ordinary people who are going for “a night at the dogs” and to persuade them not to do so or, at least, never to do so again.

The main idea of the campaign was for our leaflets to be distributed as often as possible to people going into major greyhound tracks on race-nights.

For most of the major tracks, profit margins are so narrow that a drop of just a few percent in attendances would see them go to the wall – and fewer tracks means fewer races, means fewer greyhounds bred, means fewer discarded and put to death.

Due to a massive reduction in hardcore dog-race enthusiasts in recent years, the racing industry is increasingly relying on the attendance of ordinary members of the public to keep the tracks open.

But most ordinary people in this country are fond of dogs and would not support greyhound racing, if they were aware of the slaughter and suffering that it involves.

Winning Words! has turned out to be a great success and, especially where leafleting/demos have taken place on a regular basis, huge problems have been caused to the racing industry.

Since the campaign began, several tracks have closed and many others are on the verge of going out of business, due to declining attendances, despite £millions being spent on advertising, aimed at persuading people to have “a night at the dogs”.

Action for Greyhounds supporters have noticed that a considerable number of people attending greyhound tracks do so as part of social nights out organised by their workplace or sports club.

For this reason, an extension to the Winning Words! campaign, called Winning Words in the Workplace (WWW), has now been launched.

The idea of WWW is for info packs, consisting of some of our leaflets, together with a covering letter (addressed “to the Social Events Organiser”), to be delivered to all businesses and sports and social clubs within the catchment area of greyhound tracks, asking them to please not organise any nights at the dogs.

This is something that many of our supporters, up and down the country, could do and it is bound to have a devastating effect on the greyhound racing industry.

So, if you want any WWW info packs to deliver to businesses etc. in your area, please let us know.

Please remember also, that it’s costing us hundreds of pounds to get the packs printed, so please send us a donation towards this, if you possibly can.

By way of helping us with this vital campaign, we would ask you to kindly purchase 2nd class stamps to apply to the envelopes, or if possible for no cost at all they can be hand delivered to your various local social groups, charities factories and businesses.

Alternatively we would welcome any donations of 2nd class stamps (being 10p cheaper than 1st class) sent to Action for greyhounds (www.campaign)
P.O.Box 3089

Please help with this vital campaign however you can……..Thank You

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Our two main Campaign Events for 2020 are:

  • “REMEMBER RUSTY” WEEKEND May - Sat. 2nd and Sun. 3rd ( Remember Rusty Day May 2nd)
  • “GREYHOUND REMEMBRANCE WEEKEND” July - Sat. 25th and Sun. 26th

Please see the our ‘How you can help’ section for more details and contact AFG if you would like some of our awareness leaflets for distribution or display.

Please help with the WWW (Winning Words in the Workplace) campaign.