CooL HoundZ Wet Coats (By U-NeeK creations)




Keep your dog cool with Wet Coats: once immersed in cold water, absorb 10 times more water than a towel or flannel and when wrung out slightly will stay cold and wet without dripping.

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SIZE 1 – 12″ (30cms) long by 7″ (18cms) deep
SIZE 2 – 16″ (41cms) long by 9″ (23cms) deep
SIZE 3A – 20″ (51cms) long by 9″ (23cms) deep
SIZE 3 – 22″ (56cms) long by 10″ (26cms) deep
SIZE 3B – 24″ (61cms) long by 12″ (31cms) deep
SIZE 4A – 26″ (66cms) long by 12″ (31cms) deep
SIZE 4 – 28″ (71cns) long by 12″ (31cms) deep


The wet coats have been designed for small, medium and large sighthounds (i.e Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers and Greyhounds). However they are suitable for other breeds and therefore they can be made to a specific size for different breeds.


For sighthounds, all we require is for you to provide 3 measurements in inches or centimeters of the length along your dogs spine, (from the base of the neck between top of shoulder blades-to the base of the tail)- the length from the top of the shoulder to the deepest part of the chest ( not the circumference of the entire chest)-and the circumference of the base of the neck.

For non-sighthounds, we required a fourth measurement, as shown in the diagrams below:


Fig.1 Sighthound Measurements


Fig.2 Non-sighthound Measurements


The coats, once immersed in cold water, absorb 10 times more water than a towel or flannel and when wrung out slightly will stay cold and wet without dripping. The coat must be washed in mild detergent by machine or hand at no higher than 40 degrees and dried flat, not tumble dried or ironed. A care pamphlet will be supplied with your Cool Houndz coat


When the coat is thoroughly dried it will be hard (like cardboard) and it is recommended that after use the coat is stored completely dry until next used.


The coat fits over the neck and is tied under the narrow part of the chest, with 1″ (2.05cms) wide cotton tape which can be done up (according to the girth of your hound) with a bow or double bow.


If we have not got the colour or size you require in stock, then there may be a wait of up to 14 days for the item to be available for dispatch.

Additional information


SIZE 1: 12" (30cm) long by 7" (18cm) deep, SIZE 2: 16" (41cm) long by 9" ( 23cm) deep, SIZE 3A: 20" ( 51cm) long by 9" (23cms) deep, SIZE 3: 22" (56cm) long by 10" (26cm) deep, SIZE 3B: 24" (61cm) long by 12" (31cm) deep, SIZE 4A: 26" (66cms) long by 12" ( 31cms) deep, SIZE 4: 28" (71cns) long by 12" ( 31cms) deep


Blue, Mauve, Pink

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