Colour/sex: Fawn female

Date of birth: 22.07.1998

Last rec. trainer: Mr Carl Appleton

Races contended: 47

Last rec. race: Great Yarmouth 06.04.2001

ZENA – (named for racing as) Purple Pixie

Zena was raced at Great Yarmouth and came into the care of AFG 03.06.2001. What a state this poor girl was in.

We had been alerted to her by neighbours of the 1 bedroom upstairs council flat she was being kept in. Reports of her screaming and howling when left alone there (for sometimes up to 14 hours) whilst the then so called carer, went out clubbing etc. There were many disturbing reports of her screaming and howling upon the owners return (possibly being beaten for soiling the flat).

An AFG rep visited the property on 2 occasions and knew the poor greyhound was inside. Needless to say, there was no sign of anyone in the property. A note was left asking about the dogs welfare and as a result we were contacted by the boyfriend who, luckily, arranged for Zena to be signed over to AFG.

We never met the “then owner”. He signed Zena over and we had to pick her up from his house. Once we traced Zena’s history, we learned that at her last race at Yarmouth she had a fit and never raced again. The trainer tried to blame the fit on to the annual booster inoculation she received at the track a few days earlier. Her bloods were sent to the manufacturers of the product, all tests came back negative.

So Zena was given away free by the trainer (Mr Carl Appleton) without any home check, not neutered and with no explanation of her medical condition.

It wasn’t long after Zena came into our care that she had her first fit, once blood tests were carried out at AFG’s vets, Zena received a prescription of epiphen (a drug used for the treatment of epilepsy). After several checkups it was established that Zena was absorbing enough of the low dosage to stop her fitting again, which was great news, and the hope she could lead a safe happy life.

Sadly this was not to be, as 3 months later, after settling in to her foster home and achieving an ideal weight and in fabulous condition, Zena had several small fits in one day resulting in a fit at midnight, which she never regained consciousness from. Sadly our vet had no option but to let Zena go.

Our vet believed the fits were in fact not caused by epilepsy but more likely by a brain injury or a brain stem disease….although it could not be proven whether this could have been caused by a blow to the head either on the racetrack or elsewhere.

Poor Zena could have had many fits while alone for hours in the trainers kennel and whilst in the care of the irresponsible woman in the flat….she must have been so frightened with no one to comfort her during and after such a distressing period.

Poor Zena’s young life was cut short after only experiencing a few weeks of love, care and respect.

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