AFG were contacted by a gentleman by telephone on Monday December 3rd 2012, who attended the greyhound racing at Belle Vue greyhound track with two friends on Saturday December 1st 2012.
As well as sending a generous donation to AFG, he has sent us the following email for us to publish on our website:-

Just to let you know of my experience last Saturday night. I arrived at Belle vue to what I thought were some placard waving lunatics outside Belle vue Dog Track. I went into the stadium watched the racing and came home. My wife was away for a few days and the following morning,I woke up and had some time to myself, I thought I would go on the internet to see what all the fuss was about.I was horrified; the more I looked the worse it became. What I thought was the dogs get looked after and then get new homes after their racing days were over. I read more and more,even spoke to a few people about this so called sport. It made me feel terrible,and I even got very emotional.
For the last 15 years I have been going to the dog track without any knowledge as to what is going on.The reason and it is true that I have never seen a protest is that I have never been on a Saturday night. I am absolutely appalled at the whole situation and I and my 2 friends will not be going to Belle Vue dogs again.I have sent a small donation,call it guilt money if you like .
I can only say that you really need to make more people aware of the problem. I do not see how anyone ,particularly people who own a dog, and I do,can go and watch this,knowing what is going on , I know that I cant.
I would only suggest that awareness is one of the ways to get the point across.
I sincerely apologise for thinking that the protesters were lunatics and wish to thank them for bringing this terrible,disgusting and horrific situation to my attention.You can be sure that at least 3 people will never attend a dog track again, nor watch on Sky sports.

So who knows, the people who hold regular Saturday evening protests outside Belle Vue Greyhound track could gain three more supporters in the future.
Also, this gentleman and his friends will be able to educate many others with the campaign materials AFG have sent him so hopefully others will make the wise decision they have made…..never to support greyhound racing again.

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