Please try to support this important event, especially if you live in or near London.

Help Boris Johnson…The Mayor of London, make the simple decision of affordable housing instead of greyhound cruelty and exploitation.

Although the local council have approved plans to build housing on the site of the former dog track, there is a real threat that the Mayor will overturn their decision and refuse the plans in favour of allowing the return of greyhound racing to Walthamstow.

A peaceful awareness event has been organized for Monday June 25th 2012 at 2pm outside the disused stadium.

The address is:-
Chingford Road
E4 8SJ

Situated 10 miles from both A11 and M 25 and a short distance from the North Circular (A406)
Indicated on the map at http://tinyurl.com/btly3yc

There is a car park at the nearby Sainsburys supermarket, which is free for shoppers.

Details of the event are at www.facebook.com/events/312920958782256

If you can come or if you need further help or advice about transport or
any other information, please contact C.A.G.E.D. North West by email cagednorthwest@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 07904 305 251.

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AfG Cinema Awareness Campaign 2
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Our two main Campaign Events for 2020 are:

  • “REMEMBER RUSTY” WEEKEND May - Sat. 2nd and Sun. 3rd ( Remember Rusty Day May 2nd)
  • “GREYHOUND REMEMBRANCE WEEKEND” July - Sat. 25th and Sun. 26th

Please see the our ‘How you can help’ section for more details and contact AFG if you would like some of our awareness leaflets for distribution or display.