Dogs Seeking Adoption

Hounds who come into the care of AfG spend weeks or even months with our dedicated experienced foster carers.

They come to the care of AfG suffering varying degrees of mental and physical trauma and whilst in foster care they receive all the veterinary care and socialization they need prior to being available for adoption.

This section features images and details of greyhounds and lurchers / other sighthounds in our care who are seeking their forever homes.

We prefer our hounds to go to homes with at least one other calm natured dog for company.
We prefer our hounds to be homed locally ( preferably within a 25/30 mile radius of Norwich).
We prefer our hounds to be homed with people who have experience of caring for sighthounds.
All our hounds are neutered, micro chipped, fully inoculated treated for internal and external parasites and have a clean bill of health from our veterinary surgeon.


Came to the care of AfG July 2018. He was no longer wanted for racing.

He is a lovely black boy age 3 1/2 years. Just an average size greyhound currently 29kg

When Mervin came to AfG he was very timid, he had a lack luster coat, very thick and brown (obviously from living outdoors). He was suffering discomfort from lameness on his front leg.

Mervin is in a very experienced foster home and has continued to improve mentally and physically on a daily basis. He is gaining confidence from the 2 resident hounds he shares his foster home with, a rescued Greyhound male and a rescued Lurcher female.

He is getting used to children and other people due to the continued dedication of his foster family but is still wary of some men.

He is better with lead walking now, he enjoys his walks. He likes playing with his toys, he travels well, he is now house trained. He loves his food and has a good appetite.

He is neutered, has received dental treatment, is fully inoculated and up to date with parasite treatment. He now has a sleek shiny coat. He is a clever boy and responds well to training.

He is very affectionate and once he knows you he will give you kisses, lean on you and want lots of fusses.

Mervin has only been off lead in 100% safe, fully enclosed areas, because he is still a little timid we would not want risk him getting spooked in an unenclosed area.

Our vets report shows the lameness was most likely due to a lack of regular exercise and soft bedding and the continued lameness on the foot was discovered to be a very deep rooted corn which has been removed and the pad now almost healed.

Mervin is now used to the resident Guinea Pigs when indoors and when out in their runs in the garden and is also used to the family tortoise, so he may be suitable to live with family cats.

Mervin must go to a home with at least one resident quiet gentle dog. The adopters must be experienced with the sighthound breed.


Came to the care of AfG June 2018.

He is estimated to be between age 3 to 4 years though possibly nearer age 3. He is a rough coated blue lurcher, ( 25kg ) believed to be a mix of Border Collie, Deerhound, Saluki and Greyhound (predominantly Collie/Deerhound).

He had been neglected and not properly socialised, probably not had a real puppyhood. It was obvious he was not used to being in a house.

He has been in foster care with the company of a medium size female dog since end of June. He is neutered and fully inoculated. He is now house trained.

He eats well, travels well and is now good walking on the lead. He is a very intelligent hound, very fit and agile. He is a very affectionate boy and loves cuddles and tummy rubs.

Due to him not being well socialised or trained before he came to AfG, he is not yet good at recall, so cannot be let of lead unless in a 100% fully enclosed safe area. He is used to a large garden in his foster home and enjoys long walks.

He is good with other dog breeds, he enjoys the company of other sighthounds, though a little fearful of large exuberant dogs. He does not take notice of cats until they run, so we are not yet 100% sure if he can be passed as’ cat safe ‘ and would prefer a non cat home. He seems to be non reactive to livestock and chickens/geese so we believe he has been around them in the past.

Soli will need a home with at least one quiet gentle dog for company. He will need a home with people who have experience with looking after rescued sighthounds who can continue with his socialisation and further training.

He also needs a fully enclosed secure garden with at least 5ft fence throughout.

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