Dogs Seeking Adoption

Hounds who come into the care of AfG spend weeks or even months with our dedicated experienced foster carers.

They come to the care of AfG suffering varying degrees of mental and physical trauma and whilst in foster care they receive all the veterinary care and socialization they need prior to being available for adoption.

This section features images and details of greyhounds and lurchers in our care who are seeking their forever homes.

We prefer our hounds to go to homes with at least one other calm natured dog for company.
We prefer our hounds to be homed locally ( preferably within a 25/30 mile radius of Norwich).
We prefer our hounds to be homed with people who have experience of caring for sighthounds.
All our hounds are neutered, micro chipped, fully inoculated treated for internal and external parasites and have a clean bill of health from our veterinary surgeon.

GRACE (greyhound)


Sex: Female (neutered)

Colour: Black

Date of birth: 2008

Grace came into the care of AfG in February 2016.

She was destined for a lovely home with a retired lady in Norfolk as we were led to believe she was a small, quiet mature greyhound. We soon discovered Gracie had a very high prey drive so we had to instead place her into a more experienced foster home.

We have no accurate history on Grace and we think she is a full greyhound but as she is not ear tattooed she could even perhaps be predominantly Greyhound with perhaps a hint of Saluki.

She was left in a boarding kennel by her previous ‘owner’ who no longer wanted her, with no information given about her. It is believed she had been in more than one home in her life and possibly raced on an unregulated (flapping) track in the past. She was micro chipped in 2010 as 2 years old but had since been moved on with no contact details being updated.

We believe Grace was kept in a kennel and run on a yard and encouraged and rewarded to hunt and possibly even kill small animals i.e. rabbits and hares, which is why she has this high prey drive. However, over the past months with her two foster carers and the company of 2 Lurchers and a spaniel cross, who are very well behaved and well socialized, in the home, she has come on amazingly physically and mentally and has been fully house trained, is now walking with pet chickens in the garden and ignoring them and has almost accepted the pet ferrets. She has very carefully been introduced to some small dogs, with the aid of a muzzle and has accepted and ignored them and is able to walked next to them on a lead with no muzzle on. This is a careful slow process but we are confident, in time, Grace will continue to improve.

She is excited when she sees squirrels, rabbits/hares, cats and small excitable, yappy dogs, but is much calmer if she can be walked where these situations can be avoided.

It was noticed very quickly that when Grace panics or gets excited, she will bite through a lead, so she is walked on a martingale collar with a chain lead attached and a fleece harness and lead as back up for such times she sees a cat so she does not put a strain on her neck if she pulls.

Grace is a very loving gentle girl in the home and cannot be faulted, she loves children and all adults. But when outside (unless she is walked in a very quiet environment) she can be a little distressed and start to pull, so would need a fairly strong handler (especially if she sees a moving cat) .

Grace needs a very special carer(s) who have previous experience of caring for ex working/racing sighthounds with a fair size fully secure garden and in a non-rural area.

Grace was moved in to a second foster home in November 2016 with the company of other greyhounds and two small quiet dogs and settled very quickly.

She is now walked in quiet areas and enjoys being at home with her favorite spot being on one of the sofas.

She eats well and has gained weight on her altered diet.

LACEY (greyhound)

Sex: Female (neutered)

Colour: Blue and white

Date of birth: July 2013

Lacey came into the care of AfG beginning of September 2016. She is currently in foster care.

She had two races in Ireland and two in Britain and broke her back hock (allegedly in her last race). Lacey had lived a short while in a house with a cat and a small dog and it seemed she was left on her own for long periods and was making a lot of noise.

There was no veterinary records available for Lacey but when she was neutered at AfG’s vets her back right leg was also x-rayed showing the hock had been pinned and had healed completely.

Lacey is currently in foster care with other dogs. She is house trained, loves her food and loves company. She is good with all other dogs. She loves people and is especially fond of children. She travels well and walks well on the lead. She is a very healthy, happy go lucky confident girl.

We would prefer her to go to a home with another quiet dog for company, as this will help her settle better in as a family member.

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